Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Winnowing Season

LeAving the only life she has ever known, Rhoda Byler, along with the King family , embark on a new adventure. But not without complications. Before leaving, Rhoda must stand before her church leaders, upon Samuels instigation, and explain the gift The Lord has given her. Angry Samuel went behind her back to accomplish this task, she is more concerned with what his family will think of her, and if it will change their minds in letting her come along to start something new in Maine. But Maine's new adventure also brings trouble. So many people under one roof, emotions are sure to run wild. An unexpected love triangle forms ,new friendships bloom, secrets are discovered and hidden. Determined to make the best of the new situation, each member finds ways to keep their mind off the tension boiling just beneath the surface. Do they have what it takes to make this dreAm of a new community work? I loved this book, which is no surprise, as I have not met a Woodsmall book I didn't like. Christian fiction is not my favorite genre, as I often find it hard for it to measure up to the wonderful world of words all the classics take me to. But Cindy time and again draws me into her stories, Weaving complicated plots with intriguing characters. I loved book one in this series, and now book two, and am eagerly awaiting my book three to arrive. Definitely a must read! Along with all her other books! This book was given to me In exchange for review by water brook press.

Biff and Becka's stupendous vacation

Biff and Becka, two rabbit siblings, are looking forward to their annual stupendous vacation with great anticipation! Who wouldn't?! The beach, with family, souvenirs and treats not to be had at home. In preparation to leave, Biff spends the better part of one morning, bragging to a less fortunate friend about all the fun they will have. Feeling slightly superior, he returns home to receive the bad news. His dad has taken a pay cut. There will be no beach this year. And so while the family tries to brainstorm less expensive vacation ideas, Biff puffs and pouts. He and his sister begin to argue and no one is happy. This book is about life throwing you change, and how you deal with it. And how a family uses God to remind themselves how to act in every situation, disappointment and discovery. I did not really enjoy this book. I am not the age group the book was written for, however, I do have kids and read them books, and most times really enjoy what I'm reading. While I believe the author executed her point, showing Godly parenting to children in need of instruction, I just felt it was a little too much. I found myself Speed reading to finish the book, as to be done with it quicker. I do think there are lots of children who would enjoy this book, and as it contains no bad content and I do think it's perfectly suitable for children of the age demographic it's aimed at to be read. It's just not one I'd put in my personal library.