Thursday, January 28, 2016

The bee friendly garden

From teaching you the benefits of a bee friendly garden to becoming a bee activist, this book has it all when it comes to bringing bees to your own backyard. You'll find out what to plant in your flower and edible gardens to attract bees. How to design your garden and how to create a bee friendly world outside your garden as well. The books lists plants that grow best regionally,and has chapters for each region to better each persons success when planting in their area. All of this on beautifully photographed pages! Great book! I am planning for a future garden, and reading this has changed my approach. It has helped me to understand why I'd be planting certain things, and has given me the desire to purposefully attract the bees. I love how it's broken down into regional chapters, I don't have a green thumb and knowing more about the Native plants was really insightful. I loved all the photos and I found the information very easy to understand and interesting to read. For now I can highly recommend the book! And I hope to be able to do the same thing once I apply its principles. I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Cats in Paris

Cats, books, Paris!! What's not to love?!! See cats roaming the streets, lazily snoozing in the bookshelves. And dozens of other cats in an array of patterns and fun. Color your way to cat happiness! When I saw this book I couldn't resist! Not only am I a cat lover, but a bookworm and Paris junky. Mix that with my artist, love of color side, and this was a match made in heaven. The cover of the book is beautiful. I love the colors, the gold foil and the illustration. The first chapter I adored all the coloring pages. But after that, unfortunately for me, it took a dive. While the rest of the pages have cats, they have nothing to do with Paris, and honestly they feel like an after thought. There are a couple pages I like the repetitive pattern and few I love the pictures of the cats. But they don't have the same high quality feel of the first part of the book. I will still however enjoy coloring in this, just wished it was all as great as my initial impression. I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Very pretty inspiration

This review is from: The Knot Outdoor Weddings (Hardcover) Whether you want to get married on the Ranch, water side, in the grapes of the vineyard or amongst your favorite cityscape, you'll find your inspiration here! Or do you imagine yourself in the garden surrounded by roses, or a luxurious estate? You'll find that here too. Along with tips on design, decor, planning and catering. You'll see cakes, dresses, invites; all with a style specific to your individual style. So get ready, get planning, and use this as your comprehensive guide for the perfect wedding. I'm not planning a wedding, but I got this book really for inspiration in setting up exciting outdoor gatherings of any type. I was impressed with all the photography, and loved all the different styles displayed. This would have been a great book when I was planning my wedding, and so I'm confident other brides/grooms will feel the same way. It would also be a great too, for wedding photographers, and definitely professional planners. It has lots of great advice, information, check lists and inspiration.