Thursday, August 28, 2014

Love Letters From God

You have all heard the stories time and again. Jonah and the whale, Daniel and the lions den, David and Goliath and so many more. But have you heard them in a fresh new voice? And accompanied by beautiful illustrations? Well here is your chance to do just that.!
As you are looking for an opportunity to delight in the same great stories that remind you just how amazing our God is, why not have an all out visual feast? 
Don't forget to lift the flap on each page, where there is a letter written to you from God to go along with each story!  What a great way to learn Gods word, no matter what your age, but especially for the young who still hold so much wonder for all things great!

This book is great! Really well done. I just love the illustrations. And the letters from God are such a nice touch. Especially the line given to write in a child's name. My children were thrilled when I added their names to the letter. They loved the picutres and sat still through each story, as it's just the right length. The corresponding verses on each page are a great way to get scripture in your kids hearts in a fun way.  I Definitely would love to give this book as a gift to all the other children in my life.  

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


 Stegosaurus, Triceratops and Sauropods, oh my!!!  And lets not forget the ornithopods and prehistoric creatures!  Get started by drawing simple shape, and then gradually improve your technique as you layer shapes, texture and color onto your best interpretations of these great giants!   Soon you'll be drawing all kinds of dinosaurs!! You'll get to choose what to draw, learn the basics,fine tune them, add color and see other interpretations. As well as learning to draw their environments. All this accompanied by simple instruction, interesting facts and witty comments! So Creatively laid out, you won't be able to wait to get drawing!

Great book! I got this for the whole family to learn. I can see already that I'll be able to greatly improve my drawing skills. As well as my almost 4 year old. It's simple enough for kids, but complex enough for the adult trying to improve.  I love the way it's laid out. And my kids like it when I read all the text as we go along. Great informational book for all ages that can hold a pencil!

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review .

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

$10 Dollar Great Dates

Get out there and fall in love! And do it for only ten dollars.  Whether it's dreaming of home renovations at the hardware store, planting flowers together in your back yard or acting like tourists in your own city- everyone will find something in this book that will help them reconnect with their spouse. You can choose from a number of stay at homes dates, get out in the city dates, dreaming and scheming dates or cozy coffee dates, and many more. And because child care often costs more than the date itself, you will also find a number of child care resources. So grab ten bucks and go have fun!

There were a lot of cute ideas in here, some stuff we already do just in daily life, and some stuff I'd not like. To do, like stay at home dates unless the kids were away. Just for me personally, I can't have a true date if the kids are present, even of they are sleeping, we still feel like we are on duty.  A lot of these dates are just not do-able if you do not live near family or friends, as child care would make any of these 5 times the price. But if you are in a great community there are a lot of cute ideas to try out.   I do think it would be fun to a t like newly weds again, talking to each other like we are just discovering each other for the first time. S maybe these will he  is do that one day when we have the babysitting resources we need.

I relieved this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

Child of Mine

Kelly Maines feels anything but hopeful. Eight years ago her newborn baby was stolen right from her home. It's been eight years of dead ends. And it's been that many years she has held onto her private investigator and the dream she may yet find her daughter. Another chunk of money and yet another lead. Could it really be that her missing child has been this close all along? This is where she meets Jack Livingston, who has been raising his niece the past eight years. Is this just pure coincidence, or is this the bog break? Drawing near to Jack and Natalie (his neice), she now finds herself torn in between telling him the truth of her initial visit and keeping it hidden to just enjoy what is right in front of her. Long kept secrets come to the surface as everyone involved starts asking questions and looking for answers. Will her search end in vain.. Will she find what she was looking for, or will she see she wanted something different all along? This book really had me excited to see what would happen next. I will say, there was a little bit of cheesy dialogue that I didn't care for at times. But as the story goes, very intriguing. Twist and turns I didn't expect. I liked all the character contrast and was very pleased with this books ending! I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

The Story Keeper

Jen Gibbs is living her dream. Having multiple successful publishing houses under her belt, she has just moved up to the best; the popular Vida House of New York City. And she is determined to make an impression. So when a mysterious manuscript ends up on her desk shortly after she arrives, she feels conflicted. Does she return this intriguing story to the sacred "slush pile" in which she is sure it hallowed from? Or does she take a risk with her new boss to see if this story has what it takes to finally make a name for herself? Suddenly she finds herself in the Appalachian mountains. A place of beauty, but filled with memories of the past she has tried so hard to keep hidden. But in her search to find the elusive author of the manuscript, her past finds her, and she is forced to face it and decide whether or not it will change her future. And her future isn't looking very bright as her run-ins with the suspected author are anything but hopeful. Saddened by her families situation and frustrated by her unsuccessful ghost writer hunt, she is about to throw in the towel. But just when things are seemingly at their end, disaster and discoveries come riding in the wind, and change everything. I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I read this book in record time. I had to make myself put it down, for wanting to know what would happen next. I admit, I thought the manuscript inside the book was a bit slow at times. But as a whole I really enjoyed this book. There were no over the top Christian themes, which I prefer, as it's readable to a larger audience. I did wish the book were a little longer. I could have kept reading about her characters and their decisions. I am not sure if I have ever read Wingate before, but I will now be reading more of her books.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

God Shows The Way- a Berenstain Bears early reader

Follow papa bear, brother bear, sister beat and a friend as they hike their way through a cave in 'Faith gets us through' . Then tag along with sister bear in 'Have no fear, God is near', as she fights through all her fears. And leave off with brother and sister bear as they learn how to save money and spend it on the right thing in 'Piggy bank blessings'. This book was cute. Just like most berenstain bear books, there was a lesson in each book. Only these were more faith focused than most. I think this is a good boom to be on the early readers collection, and will be using it soon for my young ones.

The Natural Pregnacy Book

Every pregnant woman is looking for answers to their questions, consolation for their fears and the best information possible to help get them through this most miraculous time. Here you will find all you need and more all wrapped up in one book. You will discover what your body is going through. How the baby is growing. Foods to help best nourish you and the baby. Natural alternatives for aches and pains. How to work with your body for a natural birth. How to listen to your body. Exercises you can do during and after pregnancy, and so much more! All is laid out in a simple and easy to understand manner and it comes with trusted expertise! I think this book is full of useful information for the mom to be. Whether it's a first pregnancy, or a first natural pregnancy, this book will prove to be useful. As someone who has done home births with both my children, I am all for going natural, so I really think this will be a useful book of information to fall back on should I have anymore. And it will be a great book to share with others who are considering a less conventional birth. I think it's great to be educated about all your options during pregnancy and choose for yourself what you believe to be best. This book will help you with those decisions. My only complaint is the lack of creativity in the books layout. But that's something that may only apply to me. I have a hard time reading lots of information if nothing about it shows any visual interest. It's useful none the less and I'd definetly recommend it and lend it out. I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the publisher.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Little book of book making

It's time to express your creativity, book style! Find all kinds of inspiration as you browse full color photos of other artists works from all around the world. You'll find books with folded bindings, sewn bindings and experimental packaging. You will discover not only unique book making practices, but practical as well. Along with a myriad of other resources to make the perfect book, like natural plant dyeing, frontage and paper marbling. Have fun with different stitches and experiment with fabric covers, open your mind and find a whole new way to make a book! As someone who already owns a pile of book making and binding books, I'm always excited to get fresh ideas in any new book I see. In this book, I like seeing other artists works and reading about them as well. I always enjoy seeing others creative process. And I do like the instructions and resources that are in the book. I'd say the only thing I didn't love was the lack of tutorial type information. While the book does explain some great techniques, I wouldn't recommend this book to someone who wanted the instructions laid out for every book they wanted to mAke. But for an Overall I think it's creative and nicely done.

Sunday, August 3, 2014


Summer is coming to an end, and savory dishes are growing increasling more tantalizing! So as you usher the warm weather filled with sautéed snap peas com spring herbs, strawberry - watermelon salad drizzled with basil- cayenne syrup and summer vegetable tofu kebabs with peach pomegranate BBQ sauce, out. Then usher in a cozy fall spread of cinnamon soaked wheat berry salad, Cous Cous with butternut squash and currants And a large helping of curried scalloped potatoes soaked in coconut milk! And don't stop there. Spend your creativity making sauces like smoky pili pili, chipotle banana or chermoula. While you are at it, make sure not to forget the dessert! So get your French press out to compliment the spiced persimmon bundt cake glazed in orange, or the vanilla spices ice cream or maybe some coconut rice pudding with nectarines. There's no shortage of flavor here, so get cooking! I will be getting a lot of use put of this book! There are tons of great recipes I've never seen nor tried. And they are all so versatile, which is great for different dietary needs. I think the book is beautifully put together. There are lots of great photos displaying the delicious recipes, and the recipes are written out in a very simple and easy to understand wAy. Overall, a great book to add to the cooking collection. I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.