Monday, December 29, 2014

Unplanned- Abby Johnson

Follow Abby as she journeys down the path to help distressed women. Beginning in college when she is intrigued by a volunteer position with planned parenthood through her 8 years of service to them, and then her overnight conversion and cooperation with "the other side of the fence" the Coaliton for Life . Here Abby will site her experience working for a pro-choice organization, helping women exercise their right to choose the best plan for their uncertain future. And then she will swing all the way around to work with an organization staunchly believing the complete opposite. Disagreeing that any woman should have the right to choose whether to keep or kill an unborn baby. Go along on her journey as she fights for what she believes to be right and wrong. I admit, I could not put this book down. I read it in about three sittings. I was very intrigued with the inner workings of planned parenthood, as I knew very little about the organization, other than what they advertise. I liked to get the inside scoop, even though I knew the opinion would be biased. I also enjoyed seeing the Coalition for Life's conversion from extreme protesters, to the humble praying approach. I thought the book was insightful, as far as gaining insight to both sides. And I always enjoy hearing another's story and journey. But, here's the but... I didn't feel like the book was a bit redundant. And I found the relationship with her and Shawn to be tiresome. I also couldn't help but wonder why there wasn't more in the book about her family. I understand the book was about her leaving PP, but I was hoping for some glimpse of her passion for her family, and her joy at holding her own children after witnessing the ultrasound she mentions. She mentions a moment where she felt remorseful and tearful over her own abortions, but just for me personally, it seems she felt worse about the abortion she witnessed than her own. I also wish I'd seen more of a relationship to Christ evolve in the book. I do not know her personally, so I have no idea what her relationship to Him is like. But in the book when she "switched sides", it seemed more of a strong personal decision, rather than an encounter with The Lord, which is kind of what I was thinking would be her inspiration to change when I picked up this book. Overall, I'd tell people to read it. I've seen a lot of negative reviews, especially attacking her as a person. And claiming her facts are not correct. I honestly don't have the energy to play Sherlock Holmes with her story, so I'm just going to assume she is telling the truth and rate this book for the book itself and not her and her choices, because those are for her to make.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Journey to Jesus- DVD and learning guide

If you are looking to learn more about Islam, and struggling to relate to your Muslim neighbors, this is the DVD set for you. Follow along with the well laid out power point lessons to learn the facts. And then engage yourself in the heartwarming dramitizations, that out words into action. Great for personal growth, or classroom learning! I admitt I was a bit hesitant about watching these. I was afraid they'd be cheesy or overly religious in the approach. But I have to say I was pleasantly suprised. I will say, I don't learn well from power point, just too matter a fa for my creative kind that needs a lot more interaction to stay focused. But the dramitizations were actually nice to watch. I braced myself for horrible acting, but it really was not bad at all. And I like how the main message is one I believe in. Persons of other religions don't need Christianity crammed down their throat. Or condemnation or judgement. They need a friend who listen, who will let them ask questions, who will invest in their life. Just like they would any other relationship they valued. And I believe these mini- dramas did just that. Great tool for educating. I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

It Will Be Ok -- trusting God through fear and change

Little seed likes his cozy little packet in his cozy little shed,high up on his little shelf. He doesn't need change,mand while he knows the farmer is good and kind, he's content to stay put. Little fox loves his cozy little hole. He doesn't need to stay outside when the scary shadows and eery sounds frighten him. He's ok to stay just where he is. And then a storm rages, scaring little fox right out of his hole, and knocking little seed put of his packet and off his shelf. When little fox comes racing in for antler, little seed isn't sure he wants the intrusion. But they soon learn, having a friend is nice. And while they know the farmer is good and kind, they don't want anything to change. But the farmer comes one day for the seed. He says he has good plans for him. The seed is scared, little fox is too. But as the seed grows where the farmer has put him, he and his friend little fox begin to really trust that the farmer really knows what's best. And when they see how they've become great as the farmer intended all along, they are glad they trusted him with their futures! Really cute book! The illustrations are adorable. The story is written well, and has a great message. My four year old keeps asking if we can read "the fox book". So it's a hit with my little ones as well. A great book to add to your collection. I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Novel Interiors- Lisa Borgnes Giramonti

Shall I put the kettle on? -- Deco
rate like your favorite classic authors; Dickens, Austen and Gaskell. A cozy home free of feeling contrived. Remembrance of Things Past -- ind the refined interiors of Warton, Waugh and James . Living Au Naturel -- Sift through the handmade style of Hardy, Lawrence and Cather. See rustic at it's best. Oh, the Glamour of it All -- Learn how Fitzgerald, Maugham and Nichols use a sleek look with geometric patterns and reflective surfaces. Anything Goes -- Here find color, chaos and unconventional with authors like Dinesen, Mansfield and Durell. Sometimes a Fantasy -- Take your cue from Proust, Wilde and Firbank. Using a dramatic and theatric inspiration. And dancing on the pages of these inspired chapters, you will see the words and quotes of your favorite authors! I really wanted to like this book. As someone passionate about books, and almost equally as passionate about home interiors, this seemed like the perfect book. But I wAs a disappointed. I loved a the book quotes throughout. And I love the idea of decorating to create the feel of your favorite books settings. There were pages I really loved the decor on. But they were few. I personally just felt that there really was nothing that really stood out or set this book apart from any other home interior book I've seen. I thought a lot of the interiors looked shabby, not cozy. And I didn't really see the correlation between the authors suggested and the interiors made to match them. I wouldn't say I disliked this book. I always enjoy seeing another's idea for decor. It just really wasn't my style. I received this book from the publisher in exchange for a review.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Let There Be Light- Desmond Tutu

What a great addition to any little child's library. A nice sturdy board book, for those wild little ones who love to rip pages in regular kids books. The illustrations are very nicely done, artsy and whimsical. The story flows very well. Both my children sat engrossed. This book has inspired me to seek out other books by this author and illustrator. I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Sunday Suppers- Karen Mordechai

Sip your steaming French press as you sit cozily at your breakfast table staring at your soon to be tasted feast. You'll sample cream biscuits with jam butter, perfectly scrambled eggs, greens, and blood oranges halved. When lunch time rolls around, your appetite will be satiated by avocado sandwiches with greens and parsley pesto, macerated blackberries with brown sugar and mint, and donuts from your local shop. Snack before dinner on lemon hummus and naan with rosemary and thyme. For dinner have corned beef with root vegetables, braised pure cabbage, and seasame and salt pretzels. Make sure you indulge your sweet tooth with some mulled wine, and ice cream sampler or some date cake with toffee sauce! And that's not all you'll find on these wonderfully rustic and artful pages. Plan a picnic in the city, a party for your little one, holiday fare and even the perfect campsite spread. This will assuage not only your elegant appetite, but will be a visual feast for all! This is a great book. I am really enjoying the cookbook evolution. Instead of page upon high gloss page of every recipe under the sun, here you will find recipes that follow a very thought out menu. Perfectly rustic and down to earth, they are great for those who enjoy a simple, but great tasting meal. The photography is really tasteful and well appointed. The commentary is enjoyable to read and a nice added touch. This would be a great gift for any chef on your list. I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.