Thursday, December 25, 2014

Journey to Jesus- DVD and learning guide

If you are looking to learn more about Islam, and struggling to relate to your Muslim neighbors, this is the DVD set for you. Follow along with the well laid out power point lessons to learn the facts. And then engage yourself in the heartwarming dramitizations, that out words into action. Great for personal growth, or classroom learning! I admitt I was a bit hesitant about watching these. I was afraid they'd be cheesy or overly religious in the approach. But I have to say I was pleasantly suprised. I will say, I don't learn well from power point, just too matter a fa for my creative kind that needs a lot more interaction to stay focused. But the dramitizations were actually nice to watch. I braced myself for horrible acting, but it really was not bad at all. And I like how the main message is one I believe in. Persons of other religions don't need Christianity crammed down their throat. Or condemnation or judgement. They need a friend who listen, who will let them ask questions, who will invest in their life. Just like they would any other relationship they valued. And I believe these mini- dramas did just that. Great tool for educating. I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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