Monday, February 27, 2012

The Secret life of a Fool

The Secret Life of a Fool
Andrew Palau
Worthy Publishers
April 2012

He is in a club downtown Boston. Music and lights overwhelming his senses. With his family and past on the other coast, it's not possible somebody would know him here. So then who was this guy asking him if he was a believer?
Feeling strangely comforted that another was insinuating they may be spiritual brothers, he decides to tell him yes, he is a believer. Instantly the man grows excited, " I knew it, you're a follower of Satan, right?"
Trying to scream "No!" to the man who is now laughing as he walks away, Andrew Palau races through his memory, trying to find what is was this man saw that would have caused him to believe he followed Satan.
But if given time to reflect, he knows, it won't be hard to see what events may have led up to this mystifying encounter. Blowing up cars in his fraternity days, taking liberties with women, harassing helpless bums, and hitchhiking through Europe are only a few of the antics that color his past most unflattering.
It wasn't until he ventured into Jamaica's Blue mountains, that he began to see what is was he was missing. That the very thing he longed for, was the very thing he had spent most of his life running from. Making amends with his past, he moves into his future. One full of grace, and an everlasting love.

I enjoyed this book. It was a quick read, but full of insight. I believe his story will be one many can relate to. It will show those, who have a past laden with mischief, that they are still very worthy of being loved and pursued by a merciful God. He proves that you don't have to have a clean slate in order to move forward, and become the person you were truly called to be. I definitely recommend this book!

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Monday, February 13, 2012

The Summer My life began

The Summer My Life Began
Shannon Greenland
May 2012

For Elizabeth Margaret, graduating high school would not mean a summer full of parties and the possibility of a short lived summer romance. No, it would mean an internship at her dad's law firm. What else could be expected of the senior class valedictorian, whose every step of her life has been meticulously laid out for her, just like her wardrobe.
But a letter arrives in the mail from an unknown aunt, begging Elizabeth to come summer with her in the Outer Banks, NC. Elizabeth- 'Em', begins to feel that this may be the ticket out of the mundane that she has been desperately longing for! She only needs to convince her parents to feel the same way.
Leaving her sister behind and making a promise to spend the last half of her summer in the law firm, Em finds herself right in the middle of paradise. Surely she had no idea it would be this grand! Finally, she has been given the chance to be herself. Em starts to see her dreams become possibilities and new worlds open up to her, ones she had only dreamed about. But she also stumbles upon some buried family secrets, will they threaten to ruin her newfound happiness and put her back on the path she just left?
Surrounded by sunsets, exquisite cuisine, new friends made and boys that make her heart flutter, this is sure to be 'The summer her life begins.

I thought this book was really cute. As a teenager, I would have loved everything about it. It was a quick read, but perfect in length, I think, for the age demographic it is set to reach. I really enjoyed the light hearted feel of the writing. I think the author did a great job! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to any teenage girl, or any woman for that matter, who wants to go back in time and remember the youthfulness of setting out, following dreams, and falling in love.
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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Sausage Maker's Daughters
Ags Johnson
Bibliofile Press
February 2012

Leaving the sunny shores of California behind, Kip Czermanski steps off the plane into bitter cold and is accosted with all the reasons she vowed she would never come back to small-town Wisconsin, her hometown. But somehow in her sister's pleadings, she had agreed to come home for a family emergency. As her sister trudges towards her holding her old, ratty coat from college, she begins to question whether this was a good idea.
Not even a week later, she is confused and angry as she finds herself contained in the local jailhouse. Spending her recent years as a front row voice for numerous counter-culture movements, she had thought she left her years as a scapegoat behind. Never could she have imagined when she gave her ex-lover up for dead that she would become the prime suspect in his untimely death years later. In her attempt to solidify her innocence, she makes very startling discoveries about her family- discoveries that could make or break her case.
Trapped by a family steeped in dysfunction, surrounded by a town that won't let memories die, Kip finds herself having to put her trust in those who have never given her a chance. Will this time be different for her? Will the revelations she makes about herself be enough to clear her name? Kip is in the fight of her life, and there's only one thing that can free her. The truth.

I decided to read this book in an attempt to broaden my reading horizons, as I wouldn't generally pick one like this off the shelf. I still believe it isn't my favorite genre, but I can say that it was very well written. The author does a great job with character development, and has a writing style that will easily suck you in. When you are not absorbed in the intricacies of the well-thought-out story line, you will be racking your brain trying to solve the case. She paints a very vivid picture of some very real life events which will draw you in with emotion. I know this will be a much read book!
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Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Last Plea Bargain

The Last Plea Bargain
Randy Singer
Tyndale House
March 2012

Jamie Brock, assistant DA for Milton County, ex-work out junkie, and victim of a crime that ripped her family apart is seeking justice and means to avenge her mother's killer. She follows her father's footsteps into the court room, shows no mercy, and never plea bargains!
Already hard at work trying to keep Antoine Marshall (her mother's killer) behind bars and on death row, Jamie is shocked when Caleb Tate, the lawyer responsible for much of her families grief during the proceedings, is now himself being accused of murder in the first degree. When Jamie finds out that her boss, DA William Masterson, will be taking the case, she begs to be his second hand. How sweet would her revenge be if she could see two of her most hated nemeses undergo the needle.
But things aren't going as planned. Shortly after Tate serves a few days in jail, the courtroom proceedings begin to take a mysterious turn. Prisoners begin rejecting deals- deals they would have jumped on, not even a week ago. The prisons are becoming crowded, the judges are having to rule with a relaxed gavel, and the only inmates brave enough to try for a plea bargain end up in danger.
Overwhelmed, Brock and her comrades are against the clock as they try to uncover the problem that is clogging up the court systems. But in her search, she finds out some very unsettling information about her family. Meanwhile, she begins to have cryptic messages delivered to her that cause her to question everyone she trusts.
It's now up to Jamie to decide what and how much information she has learned in order to set free those who are innocent. Will she have to go against everything she ever thought she stood for? And who can she rely on to help her?
As the tables turn from friend to foe, everyone must choose whose side they are on and how far they will go to seek justice.

I liked this book. I can't say I loved it. The story was well written, as his books usually are, but for me it didn't seem quite as exciting as I was expecting. I was surprised at the ending, which to me says a lot about the writer's skills, as he didn't make the conclusion too obvious. He does a good job with character development and made it easy for someone who doesn't generally read courtroom thrillers to understand what was happening in the court proceedings. All in all, it's worth a read.