Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Hungry for some super foods?! Craving some brassicas? Then satisfy your green tooth cravings in the pages of this vibrantly colored book. Here you will find Sunshine Wraps(think collard greens, Asian sauce, mango,avocados and bell peppers), you'll dine on lemony broccoli chop and snack on delightful califlower hummus. Or how about a quick collards sautée, turnips with apple salsa or maybe some roasted rutabagas with rosemary and maple? Get cozy and get cooking, these are comfort foods that serve your health! I was really excited to get this book as my family and I are really healthy eaters. But once I received it, I don't love it. I will cook a lot of the recipes and most likely enjoy them. And I will say there were a lot of recipes I'd not have thought of on my own, and I am excited to incorporate them into my meal planning.mi just wish the book was a little more inspiring. The book doesn't have many photos, and it isn't laid out very creatively. And I wish more recipes jumped put at me as immediately delicious. Overall, I think it's a good book to have in my collection, but it won't be one I rave about. I received this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Vegan Ice Cream-over 90 sinfully delicious dairy-free delights

It's summer, and that means it's most likely hot! So cool down, and don't feel guilty while doing it! While most your friends are slowly devouring their dairy infused sweet treats, why don't you don't something more true to your personal lifestyle like 90 different recipes that are vegan, raw and not sugar laden? You can start by whipping up some blueberry Popcicles, coconut cacao durian or raw ginger snap ice cream, all in your own kitchen. None of those grab you.. Well there are plants more, like, veggnog, raw strawberry rhubarb, maple walnut and so many more! Of you have a sweet tooth, but like to appease it in a happy belly way, you need look no further than this delicious book! This book has some really delicious recipes! I am very excited to try a bunch of them out. I love that the recipes don't call for sugar and dairy, something my household generally stays away from. I love all the different combinations and flavor options ths book offers. I even like the small size of the book, easy to tote around. My only complaint with the book is the amount of photos. I'm a visual person, especially when trying to recreate a recipe. I'd like to see how it can turn out. And just like most hungry persons, drool over the hoots before attempting to make them. So I think the book would have been a 5 star had they included a lot more photos of the ice creams. (I will say however, the photos that are included are nicely done)Over all, great cookbook to add to any collection. I recovered this book free in exchange for an honest review from the publishers.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Woman of Courage

Reeling from a broken engagement, Amanda Pearson decides to leave her hurts behind and travel West with her father as missionaries to a Nez Pierce camp. Her road is fraught with many troubles and sorrows. And she has to decide if she has the will to go on. But after a near death experience she feels like she's been given a second chance, and she wants to make it count. If only Buck McFadden wasn't confusing all her thoughts. She enjoys the company of Yellow Feather, her new friend who is responsible for keeping her alive. But when Buck makes multiple visits to check on her, she feels drawn to him, and wishes not to, as he has no thoughts for her Christianity. And even more pressing is her desire to reach the reservation she has been sent out be a missionary for, will she ever reach it, and what will happen along the way to the people she is traveling with and more importantly her emotions? I always hate to leave an unfavorable review. But I really did not enjoy this book. I did like the idea of the story, and certain elements like the historical side of it. But I really couldn't get past all the constant "trying to convert people " . I understand she was a missionary. But it was just too much and too forced, and it took away from what could have been a nice story. I would still be willing to read more of this authors books, just to see if this one was a flop for me. But I wouldn't really recommend this book.. I received this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

The Midwife

Masquerading as Rhoda Mammau, Mennonite midwife, Beth Winslow is definetly trying to hide from her past of hurt and rejection and loss. Nestled in small town Tennessee, she attends to unwed mothers in need of a place to stay, and to give birth. Out here, no one can remind her of the mistakes she made with her own pregnancies, or remind her that she did experience love, albeit with a broken heart. But just like anything else in life, you can't hide from it forever. When a man from her past shows up at her door, her raw emotions are opened anew. She is confronted with her past and given a chance to put it all there, in the past, and make a new life for herself. Will she do just thT? Seek the healing she has desperately needed all these years. Or will she cling to the past like an old friend and stay exactly where she has been since that night she lost so much? This was a good book. It was a little slow going for me, but once I got into I really enjoyed the story. The author did a great job weaving an interesting storyline throughout the book. The characters were believable and I was intrigued through out the book as to the final outcome. I definetly would like to read her other works. I received this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

For Such A Time

A red wig, a stern German officer, bitter cold. Where is Hadassah Benjamin? And just how did she escape that firing squad? It's 1944 and Hitlers powers still weigh heavily on seemingly every living thing. Hadassah has been spared, but why? Can she make even the smallest change in the fate of her fellow Jews? And what's more, can she keep herself from falling for the German officer who rescued her? Fighting to save her people, the urge to run from her feelings and a desperate attempt to save her life yet again, Hadassah must now trust The Lord will come through for her even when it's against all odds! I did enjoy this book. I didn't find the stilted and cheesy writing I unfortunately come across in a lot Christian fiction. I found the story to be very engaging and exciting. I read through it very fast, waiting to see what would happen. I was only disappointed when I found this was the authors first novel , as I want to read more. I'd definitely recommend this. I received this book free from the publishers in exchange for an honest review.

My Paris Kitchen

Take a trip to Paris , in your own kitchen! How about Eggplant égalité, créme fraîche & tangerine-champagne sorbet to get your French taste buds going? Not enough? Maybe you need some duck fat cookies, spiced speculoos flan or white bean-sausage-duck confit casserole. There are quiche, soufflés ,omelets, soups, sauces and desserts aplenty! And in between all the mouth watering dishes you will find really helpful hints and engaging personal stories. Take France home with you on this perfectly delectable book. I liked this book upon arrival. I really like the way it's printed. There are a perfect amount of photos and the writing is very interesting to read. I really enjoyed the personal experiences and stories he writes, while giving delicious recipes. I haven't cooked any yet, but there are tons I want to try. I admit, some may be too exotic to attempt in my own kitchen. But on the whole I think I will get much use out of this book. And the recipes I'd love to taste but have no patience to cook, I'll take to my sisters house, where I'm guaranteed they'll make it to the table.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Blender Girl

If you are looking for an explosion of flavor, one that not only tastes good, but is good for you, look no further! Dancing through pages printed in vivid food color, you will find smoothies, dips, snacks and meals. Start your day off with a chock-full of surprise smoothie. Snack on awesome almond crackers, spread with edamame dip. Lunch on an Asian arugula salad. Have a dinner of cauliflower soup. And fix your sweet tooth with some chai rice pudding and a glass of pineapple vanilla sangria! And while you digest these beautiful foods, educate yourself on the benefits of proper eating, as they are described in easy and informative ways throughout book. This book was really much better than I expected. I has a feeling the recipes would be delicious. But I wasn't expecting all the great information. The author reiterates a lot of concepts I've been recently reading about, and makes them easy to understand and so delicious, it's impossible to not want to try them. I'm really looking forward to trying this way of eating out and seeing the benefits. My family currently eats healthier than most we know, but there is a lot i know we'd benefit from my taking it a step further. That being said, I do believe people who aren't used to eating healthy would still be able to transition into it with this book. Taking is slowly, as she makes it easy to understand. I'm very pleased with this and will be buying more for gifts. I received this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review .