Friday, November 20, 2015

2 A.M. At the Cats Pajamas

Three very unlikely people all out on one snowy night. As their paths cross unforgettable things begin to happen and uncommon circumstances come to play... I really can't say much about this book unfortunately. It was a quick read, but I didn't really enjoy it.mi had a really hard time with the writing style and content, it just didn't interest me. By the description I thought I'd love it it, but I was a little disappointed. I can see how it's popular, as it fits into a certain niche of readers that seems to be Very prevalent. I'd recommend it to those I know who are into this particular genre, but not those with my same specific reading tastes.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Watercolor Course You've Always Wanted

What a great and comprehensive book! I am a very beginner in watercolor, so I cannot say if this is a book for seasoned artists or not, but it was absolutely perfect for me. Such a great resource for materials and supplies and great implement comparisons. I like that the author suggests her personal favorites due to what she has found to work best, but doesn't make any particular thing a requirement. The instruction is simple but informative, nothing daunting about her approach. I could pour over these pages again and again and keep gleaning. I'm really excited to head to the store for new supplies and see what I can turn out with this books help! I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Sunday, September 20, 2015


Off to Paddington station to meet a friend, Out making an appearance at grandpa's fĂȘte, taking a trip to Scotland and buying the essentials at the local pet shop. Everything is an adventure in the world I share with my wonderful owner, Emma! I meet pretty dogs at the park, swim in friends pools, sit around in silly hats as Emma's social media fodder and even celebrate Christmas in festive stockings! Ahh yes, this is the life, the life of me, PlumDog. What an adorable book! I'd not previously read anything by Emma C Clark. After reading through this, I compiled a little list of others I'd like to buy! The illustrations are perfectly done for the content in this book. And the writing is cute, just what you'd expect a dog would really be writing. I have a handful of people already I'm planning to gift this book to. Highly recommend. I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Apartment Therapy- complete and happy home

What house style fits you best? Tudor? craftsman? Brownstone? Weigh your options with a list of handy pros and cons for any style of home that suits your fancy. And then start getting your home set up! Learn the best ways to live in your home and maintain it. Figure out color schemes, decor preferences, furniture arrangemens and lighting. Choose art, floors, rugs and wall coverings. View full do,or photos of put together rooms, including kids rooms, Outdoor bathrooms, sunroom offices and more. Get excited about awesome outdoor spaces. Learn want plants to grow inside. Peruse all sorts of useful information about stain removal and handy man tips. The list goes on for this comprehensive guide to making your home the perfect fit for you and your lifestyle! Really great book! I love home decor and am Often disappointed with books about it. But this book not only inspired me with the photos and ideas, it gave me more knowledge, and will now be an awesome too, for anytime I redecorate a space or help a friend. all the tips and tricks are wonderful, and the expa,nation of style is helpful. Seeing the way they put rooms together was great, so many styles represented in here. Definetly a book I'll be reading often! Great job. I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Bible Favorites-one sentence stories

Perfect for early readers. These books are literally one sentence per book. It's spread out on a few pages, adding more of the sentence on each page. And then reviewing the most prominent words at the end. My oldest has memorized the books because of the ease of reading. But now I need to get him to actually recognize the words. Very cute illustrations. And surprisingly the one sentence tells a story. And who doesn't love a box of books?! I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

My keepsakes Bible

Great little bible with short stories and prayers. The bible stories are told in away to keep your children's attention, and there are also prayers included. Altough the scripted prayers are not really a feature I ever really care for they don't Mean much to me personally. The illustrations ardorable. And there are quite a few pages to record random facts about your child. Cute little gift or book for your own children.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Paper Goods Projects- a super make-it book

It's time to get crafty with supplies you already have on hand! So drag out your coffee filters, balloons. Cupcake papers, straws and more. Make your own mini planetarium with balloons and paper plates, make beautiful paper flowers for any party with coffee filters and food coloring and make your children their own mini town with a few boxes and some paint. Watch paper bags turn into woodland creatures and Toilet paper tubes turn into animals you'd find in the sea and at the zoo. Let your imaginAtion run free and get crafting! What a cute book! I have always loved any type of paper craft. And now especially with boys, I need as many busy activities as I can find to keep them engaged. All of these projects are so simple and fun. Some I can foresee getting rather messy with kids helping, but done in the proper setting, which the book suggests, I can see even the messy ones being really fun. And I love the dip dyed coffee filter flowers. I'd use those for any occasion. I can see them as a garland on a little girl's room or on the table of a summer soiré. I am sure we will be getting a lot of use out of this book.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Walk In The Woods

Full of adventure and humor, come along with Bryson and his grumpy trail partner Katz as they meet all kinds of people and find them selves in all manner of interesting situations. Laugh outloud at the dialogue recounted and wonder at the scenery described. Great for any traveller, nature lover, reader or anyone who wants a good time! Really funny book! I hadn't previously read anything by Bryson, but I will add him to my list now. I loved reading about all the adventures, hearing the funny stories, and feeling like I was actually on the trail with them.nveey well written to where you'll have a hard time settin this book down! Highly recommend. I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Blender Girl Smoothies

Mystical mango for immunity, pine-Papaya-yay for inflammation, nectarita for weight loss and hang-over helper for, well... And these are just the beginning! Page after colorful page you will delight your senses in these wonderfully thought out smoothies. You'll find flavor, health benefits, blending tips, storing tips and where to buy tips. That's just name a few of the features. You'll educate yourself on your flavorful intake and you savor the wonderful flavor son every page! Great book! I had discovered Tess Masters when I received her BLender Girl book. And loved what that book had to offer, so I was very excited when I saw this new book, devoted just to smoothies. It's very informative in a very easy to read and understand layout. The smoothies look divine an di can't wait to get blending! I want every smoothie just from the great photographs .. I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Jesus calling for little ones

What better way to inspire you children to love God's word, than to tell it through poetry and amidst sweet illustrations. Every rhythmic passage is accompanied by a bible verse and the sturdy pages are perfect for the little rippers in the family! Cute book! Board books are great for destructive little hands. The passages rhyme, which seems to hold the kids attention longer, and the illustrations are adorable. Nicely done if you just want a few simple passages from the bible. Would be really to use for teaching your kids to memorize scriptures . I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Little Paris Bookshop

Manon... He can't even bring himself to say it. It's too painful, too many memories, so much regret. It's been twenty years and he still hears her, feels her, yearns for her. But when suddenly he is forced to face the truth, in a letter she'd left for him all those years ago, Jean Perdu has a choice, does he carry on never feeling never seeing, never really experiencing life? Or does he have the power to change and finally live the life he has been ignoring. Pulling up anchor and Leaving behind the "literary apothecary" title he so deservedly earned aboard his floating bookshop, Perdu goes off in search of himself. And not alone, as his neighbor and current best selling author jumps ship just as he taking off. Together these two will meet other lifelong friends, they'll cry together, they'll tango, they'll see the man they've been trying to unmask. Real, honest, heartwarming, take a trip down then Seine with a wonderful cast of characters and see France in all its splendor! I haven't quite decided how I feel about this book. I'm a pretty big fan of anything French, especially a novel! so I was pretty excited to receive this book. What I can say without a doubt, the author can tell a story. Her writing very easily pulls you in, her characters are very eclectic and endearing and and the story lines unexpected and delightful. Her observation of human emotion is very keen and transparent. I dashed through this book! I only say I'm not quite perhaps because I can't quite relate to the main character, although I believe there are millions who have done just what he has. The book had a melancholic feel throughout, such as life sometimes does. But entwined it with its and glimmers of hope with stories that ended better than you expected. There was a time towards the end that I found myself reading a little faster, thinking maybe I was ready for or the conclusion already. Overall, very well written and I'd love to see what else this author will turn out. I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Hiding In The Light

It all started when her eye was ruined in a fit of anger by her brother. That's when Rifqa Bary really started feeling like her home was not happy. Before she was marred, she remembers a happy loving mom, a dad eager to see her after a long business trip. Afterwards she felt her favor slowly melting away. A mom impatient and angry with her, and dad who didn't want to look at her. She fought even more with her brother. She was an outcast in her own family. So when she first heard "God" whisper to her that day in the garden, it's no surprise she felt drawn. Over the next few years He continued to seek her and she found him in unusual places. But when her family finally catches wind of her conversion she becomes afraid for her life. Having already been beaten up by both parents, she knew her dad would make good on his threats when he returned home. So after a night. Spent in turmoil, she ran away. At 16 she was still a minor. The next couple years she spent in court case after court case, and in multiple foster homes... Despite everything she was hit with, she still decided to choose God. And he didn't disappoint. I read this book in two sittings. I didn't know what to expect when I ordered this, just felt I needed to read something hopeful. I had and have not watched any of the court precedings and all the media coverage that bombarded her when this took place. So I didn't know any of her story. I'd read a lot of reviews, and sadly, so many mean ones. People attacking her character and the validity of her conversion. I for one can't quite understand this craze, Christians attacking Christians. So I read the book with an open mind, if she lied about anything or wasn't sincere, that's not for me to decide. What I read was a very sad story. No girl should ever have to be raised in such a way. To feel unloved and hated by your own family, it's no wonder she didn't want to follow Islam. Her life after leaving home was no easier... This will be a book I'll pass around. I can't imagine someone not taking anything away from it. Written in a way that makes it a very quick and intense read. Highly recommend. I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Where Trust Lies

Beth Thatcher is home for the summer. Leaving Coal Valley was hard, especially because it meant leaving Jarrick behind. Upon her return she is surprised with the information that she will be going on a cruise with her sisters and mother. At first hesitant, she begins to enjoy herself and the beauty of the land they travel too. Julie, Beth's sister is determined to enjoy herself on her vacation, and so befriends some young people her age, and begins to prefer their company to her families. But when her sisters meet these friends, they both have a feeling something is amiss. Against their better judgment they ignore their initial feelings.. Then disaster strikes and the whole family is forced to rally together. Will this ordeal change Julia? And how will Beth's romance hold up under this trial? After reading the first book, I was excited to read more of the story. I admit I was t as interested in the cruise ship story as I was her experience out West. But I enjoyed it enough to look forward to fishing it. It was a little predicatBle and ended abruptly. But i still want read the third in this series when it comes out. I received this book from the publisher in exchange for a revIew

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Rooted In Design

Succulents, potted plants, wall hangings. Bring your love for all things gardening indoors when you use these creative ideas for growing all you can imagine in your home. I was excited to get this book. I thought it would be perfect for a plant killer like myself. I was a little disappointed. While I can say they had some creative ideas, and made you think outside the box, a lot of the photos were very ordinary. And quite honestly, unappealing. I thought a lot of the photos looked like something from a seventies gardening magazine, and the others just very unkempt and nothing I'd want to emulate. The idea was good, just not executed very well in my opinion. I received this book from the publisher in exchange for a review.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Henry Hodges Needs A Friend

Henry needs a friend. So his parents determine to find him one. And not in the form he expected. Not only is it not a human friend, it's also not a rock star porcupine or a cat that barks. What he finds is a furry friend with spots. And "Hap" is just what this lonely boy needed! I thought this book was cute, the illustrations are adorable and my kids really like them. I enjoyed how he made the story rhyme, which is also something my kids love when I read them stories. I thought the story was creative and cute. I received this book from the publishers in exchange for an honest review.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

How To Get Dressed

"Good clothes open all doors". So learn how to dress yourself here! Learn how to shop, have fittings and know the value of clothing before purchasing. Also debunk dumb fashion rules like, are leggings pants? Should you mix prints? Can redheads wear red? Find out how to remove stains, learn basic tailoring terms, get familiar with your hangers and bring your shoes back from the dead. And that's barely the tip of the iceberg in this book! So much to be gleaned, and in a smart and classy way. I was excited to receive this book as I love all things fashion. This book was not a let down. Sure a lot of this information could b found easily and quickly through google searches, but why not have it all in one book? The layout is very reader friendly, information is nicely categorized and useful. I even like the simple color scheme she used, feels elegant. Overall I think this book is incredibly helpful. Even if you already know a lot of the secrets shared in here, there's bound to be something you didn't know. Highly recommend. I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

John Shaw's guide to Digital Nature Photography

If you are a photographer, or are aspiring to be one, dig I to this treasure trove of information! Here you will learn, how to get started, autoexposure and exposure to compensation, filters, focussing your lens, teleconverters, working a subject and so much more! All compiled neatly and deftly and accompanied by full color nature photographs. I'm always excited to get a book in the mail, this book especially . I am an avid outdoors lover as well as an artist who enjoys another's form of art. So I looked forward to seeing what Shaw had to offer. Unfortunately I was disappointed. I am not a professional photographer by any means, but I know a good photo when I see or take one. These photos seemed very lack luster to me. Like they were all missing something. Th subject was undeniably gorgeous, but in my personal opinion, not captured very well. And the amount of information in here was much to overwhelming to be useful for me. I'd even say a lot of the information was subjective. And I am personally not a fan of Nikon photography, which didn't help with my overall disappointment. I'm not sure who I'd recommend this book to. Maybe a professional or learning photographer who really loves to know read every bit of information they can concerning their camera and technique.... I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Capture The Moment

"Visual storytelling comes in many forms...." So with this details guide, you can finally say what you been meaning to say when clicking that shutter button! You'll learn to consider the placement of your subject, incorporate texture or design, remove obscure elements, study the zone system study body language, find great locations and so very much more! All simply told by real life and a lot of times, unassuming photographers. Very tip is accompanied by a beautiful photo. And just like the title suggests, always captures a moment. This is a fantastic book! It's brimming with greAt tips for the professional photographer looking for new inspiration and the amateur mom photographer who just wants to create great photos of her beautiful life. Everything is kept really simple, and told more like a friend offering a tip instead of an instructional guide. And the photography, is to be expected, congruent with the wonderful tips, seeing a photo example of what's bing described helps the visual learner like me, commit everything to memory. My professional Photographer sister also loved this book! So I can honestly recommend it without hesitation, to all manner of photo snappers, and quite honestly, would like to get a copy for all my mom friends who seem to have a knack for taking only fuzzy pictures of their kids :) I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Friday, April 3, 2015


When I started this book, I had no idea I was about to read a book so dark and haunting. At first I had a hard time getting into step with the authors writing style, next I had a hard time digesting the content of the book. I considered shelving the book and moving on to something else, but I found myself unable to do so. My curiosity was piqued to find out how Ruby came to be the tortured soul she grew into and if the story ended with any redeeming quality. I loved Ephraims calm, unselfish devotion in doing what his heart told him to do and what he knew to be right. I also loved seeing Ruby finally being able to see herself as something of worth. All of the rest of the book was very hard to read. Although It did make me think. this book was set in the early 1970's and some of the struggles stayed in that time...but some of the stories struggles are still very real and relevant in todays time. I commend the author for opening eyes on subjects that most would rather keep unknown and for having writing something compelling enough that it kept me reading even though it was not my favorite style or subject matter. I gave the low rating not because of the actual writing, but because, I don't know if I could actually recommend this to with its disturbing plot.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Love Letters- Hannah Brencher

Haven't written a real letter in a long time? Well there's no easier way, simply write, lick and stamp! Voila! Physical correspondence dressed up in pretty prints! Really cute idea. I've always adored stationary, and this is no exception. I love the idea of writing and sending all at once, and for it to be so simple. (No digging for an envelope). And it's cute to boot. I don't typically use modern bold prints, but many of my receivers do, so they'd be thrilled to see this in their mailbox! Great find.

Monday, March 16, 2015

A Fifty-Year Silence

Miranda is determined to find out why her grandparents haven't spoken in over fifty years. What secrets are they hiding? What pain lies in the past? As she begins to see with more mature eyes, her world begins to look unchangeably different. And after spending a summer in France her fifteenth year, feeling a connection to a family home in the South of France, she now feels uncertain what her future holds as well. Trying to navigate the dynamic quirks of family communication, Miranda finds herself in an unfamiliar sea, tend very unsure how to chart it. I really enjoyed this book. While it was slow in a few areas, I really liked her writing style. I always love a good memoir, and I adore anything about France. I really delighted in the descriptions of the old house, and was always wondering what would happen in the grandparents relationship. I think it is a great lighthearted memoir with and intriguing subject. Bravo.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Berenstain Bears Country Cookbook

"Brother and sister bear will be very hungry when they get home from baseball practice", said Papa. "You're right dear. Let's make a salad to go with the Green Noodle Salad", said Mama. "And biscuits and honey too?", said Papa. Mama laughed. "Biscuits and honey too!" The Berenstain bears are hungry, but not to worry. They'll have plenty to cook right here in the pages of these book. They'll find Scotch eggs, sausage and tater tots wraps, Beary good mac n cheese, meat and potato kabobs, blue-beary pie , cola cake and so many more! And what's best, they are all cub, I mean kids friendly too. Not only can will the little ones enjoy eating these goodies, they will be able to help make them too! I have always loved the Berenstain bears, and now my children do too. We usually love reading their books and look forward to getting new ones. Unfortunately, I can't say that about this book. While it does hAve the beloved illustrations, and kid friendly recipes- reminiscent of a children's cookbook I have from childhood, it lacks a lot in the nutrition department. I understand that most American kids eat a very restricted amount of foods, and parents tend to feed them easy foods. It's just not now we eat in our family, so most of these recipes are just not practical. If I could modify them to make them work, I'd do so, but that would require a lot more effort at which point it would mKe Moore sense to use a regular cookbook. I really did want to like this book, but I'd not recommend it unless you are a person already eating a very processed diet. I like that they tried to tie in the bear theme. And that every page is kid friendly to look at. But over all, we will not be making anything in this book.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

This is what you just put into your mouth?

It all started with a can of cheese whiz. Eight years later it's a book filled with glucuronolactone,poloxamer 407,agar, dimethicone,ethoxydiglycol,pyrethrin and so many other hard to pronounce and somewhat sketchy ingredients. You'll recognize popular products such as A-1 sauce, Doritos, Listerine, PowerBar, artificial logs, Febreze, even Heroin! And like it or not, you'll see what's in them all. Not only that, but what the companies would or would not divulge. Certainly there are some items that will stay in your home, despite all you learn here, but others, may leave you questioning and possibly doubting it's usage. Fantastically researched, well written and very absorbing, you'll find this a hard one to set down! Very intriguing to say the least! It's a little scary to see what is in so mAny of these products. (Makes me very secure in my choice to stay orgAnic in all I do) the author did a Great amount of research for this book aNd it shows. And while his intent was not to out all these products in a negative light.. It's hard not to feel so towards so many of them, just by nature of what they are using and accepting as ok for consumption or use. Over all, very informative, well written and page turning. Great job!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Just Add Watercolor - Helen Birch

Feast your eyes and feed your brain in this wonderfully artful compilation. As you delight yourself in the many pages of talented artists work, take time to read about their technique. You will learn about negative spAce, using reds, staining paper, creating movement and over painting with gauche. You will be shown how to use a subdued palette, experiment with format use template outlines and mix water color And acrylic. And thAts just a small sample. So go ahead, open it up and get inspired! This is such a handy little book. Perfect small size for easy toting around. And the information is indeed helpful. I love looking at other artists works of course. Lots of great paintings in here. But what I really enjoyed is the way they break down the information. Showing you an art piece and then describing very simply how it was done and how you can achieve it best. The index even is great, showing the picture of the art, with it's page number for easy navigation. I would say this book is great for starting out, or looking to learn more type artists. I'm sure there are artists out there who already possess all this knowledge. But for anyone looking to expand their watercolor horizons, I highly recommend this book. I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Only God Can Make A Kitten

Mama look! Says the little son as he and his mom and baby sister tromp around the great outdoors. Who makes an iris bloom so blue? Who makes the fish and the salty sea? Who makes branches touch the sky? And to each of these questions his mom replies, only God can... Only God can make a kitten. Very cute book. The rhyme is great for kids listening attention. The illustrations are very sweet and nicely done. As a mom, i love to see a mom taking time with her children to let them wonder, and ask questions.this book did just that. And with the perfect response for each question. I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

God bless my boo boo

Hippo has a toothache, crocodile has a splinter, and monkey has a hurt tail. All of the baby animals have a boo book but as mommy and daddy help them they are reminded that God will bless their boo boo. Really cute book! My kids were excited for it to come in the mail. They loved asking how the animals got hurt and if they were ok. The illustrations are adorable, and it's a durable board book, great for the destructive younger readers. It's written in rhyme, so my kids will have it memorized in a couple reads. I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Q&A a day. 365 questions-5 years-1,825 answers

What's the craziest thing you've ever done for love? What's the next book you want to read? How many stamps are in your passport? What was something you wanted today but couldn't have? Answer a question a day for the next five years, and go on a journey when you peruse your past answers. Document your life in minutes a day, and enjoy doing it. I like this book. It's smaller than I was expecting, but it think it's practical, as this is the type of book I'd wNt to keep out to remind myself to write everyday. I look forward to looking back at past answers once I get to that point. I admit, some of the questions seem trivial to me, but there are enough thought provoking ones to make up for those that are lacking. Overall, a fun book and I think a great gift for all ages. I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The beginners bible- come celebrate Easter - sticker and activity book

What better way to teach little ones about Easter than a full color book with stickers, puzzles and stories?! Amuse their creativity and watch them learn while having fun! Great little workbook. Perfect tool for teaching kids about Easter. The illustrations are cute and the activities are fun. I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Paleo Chef

Nothing says good morning like a great plate of food! So start your day with sweet potato rotis, accompanied by poached eggs, spinach, avocado and smoked salmon. Or maybe a shrimp omelet with dashi broth and Asian greens. Fix that early sweet tooth with a muesli and berry parfait topped with coconut cream or a bowl of black chia seed pudding with nuts, figs and dates. When lunchtime rolls around, find delight in a smoked trout, kale and fennel salad. Or switch it up with Japanese crunchy chicken. Snack on root vegetable slaw or sweet potato fries. For dinner, don't skimp on the good stuff, why not try a mum's burger piled high, or grilled sirloin topped with mushrooms, horseradish and arugula? Make sure to save room for desert, or else you'll miss out on the chocolate beet mud cakes, strawberry bliss balls and the key lime tart! Paleo doesn't have to be boring. In fact, it can be down right delicious! I was really excited to receive this book, as my paleo diet hAs become quite stale. I a, really looking forward to preparing quite a few of these recipes. While some of them look pretty labor intensive, I'm hoping the pay off will be worth it. There are a few that I feel were basic enough they didn't need to be included. But overall, the book not only looks great, with the photography very well done and the lay out easy and pleasing, but looks like it will Taste great too. I'm very excited to have some new recipes to inspire my cooking efforts in the coming weeks. I already have a list of paleo friends to recommend this book to. I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Secret of Pembrook Park

Abigail Foster Feels responsible for her families demise. Usually practical and cautious, she urges her father to make what she thinks is a sound investment with her uncle. But when it turns sour, her family is forced to leave the only house she has ever known. Through timely circumstances, they are contacted with information there may be a house they can let in the countryside. It wouldn't be London, but it was said to be grand. And it was, at least , 18 years before it had been boarded up... After moving in, Abigail finds herself surrounded by mystery. Strange noises at night, servants not whom they claim to be, and letters showing up bearing no name of sender. Soon she finds herself intrigued by tales of family treasures and a secret room hidden within the very walls of the manor she resides. But it's not only treasure she finds herself seeking. Having made her presence known in the community, it's not long she has admirers, and begins to fall in love herself, although torn between the two men seeking her. With so much happening outside the home, and so many vying to get in, will she solve the mysteries that keep her awake at night, and whom, if anyone will take her hand in the process? I have never read this author before, but am always intrigued by historical fiction. I really liked the setting of this book. And the story as well held my interest. I was very curious about the hidden treasure, and of the many characters who had secret identities. I can't say I sped through the book in rapt attention, but I did find myself wanting to read to know what would happen next. I did feel it a little dry at timed and a little predictable at others. But overall, I'd be willing to read more by this author. And I would recommend it to those who like this particular genre. I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honey review.

Friday, January 16, 2015

From Newton to Einstein to God

I usually Iike to write a synopsis or a short abridged version of the book I am reviewing. However, I can honestly say, I have no idea what this book was about. The author, Leong Ying, spends a good part of the book using rhyming verse giving an autobiographical account of some sorts. Starting when he was young, all the way to present day I believe. And then catapults the reader into some either very intelligent, or in my case, extremely incomprehensible ramblings about the universe and physics and God. I am still uncertain how they all connect. The rhyme is somewhat stilted and made for a lot of awkward and forced sentences. The storyline itself, while it followed a sort of timeline, felt very disjointed. And i do have to mention, he is quite accomplished. I wish I could say I had done half of what he has, but I can't say I enjoyed reading this book. I did find it interesting. Learning about his life, and seeing a little into his mind. But it left me wondering what the overall point was, and quite honestly , like I wasn't intelligent enough to know what he was talking about. I'm not sure how I would recommend this book, as it's a very specific audience I believe that would want or need to read this. I am sure Ling has a lot of great things to say or impart, as suggested by the popular demand for his intelligence. But for me, I guess it wasn't quite up my alley.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Letter To My Cat

Meet Buddy, who saved his owners life. Make friends with Abigail and Samuel, kitty siblings who healed their human parents souls. And suggle up with Sugar as she nibbles on your toes under the blankets. Letter after letter you will see owners profess their love for their furry companions. You will smile , you will tear up. You will love cats more! What a great book for cat lovers. This is a fun quick read and one that's perfect for the coffee table for guests to enjoy. The phography is well done, and the stories endearing. Made me think about what I'd write to my cats. I also liked getting to know the letters authors in the back after I was done reading through the book! Perfect gift or recommendation for any cat or animal lover .

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Little Bunnys Bible

Starting in Genesis and ending in Luke, your little one will get to enjoy 8 wonderfully illustrated short bible stories in this cute and fuzzy beginners bible. As you child delights on the stories of the bible, they will love to also snuggle the book as they read. This book is really cute. The outside of the book is so soft, my children love it! And I love the illustrations. They are done very artfully and beautifully. This is more like a board book with short summarizations of bible stories than it is a bible. But a very cute book to add to your kids collection. I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.