Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Secret of Pembrook Park

Abigail Foster Feels responsible for her families demise. Usually practical and cautious, she urges her father to make what she thinks is a sound investment with her uncle. But when it turns sour, her family is forced to leave the only house she has ever known. Through timely circumstances, they are contacted with information there may be a house they can let in the countryside. It wouldn't be London, but it was said to be grand. And it was, at least , 18 years before it had been boarded up... After moving in, Abigail finds herself surrounded by mystery. Strange noises at night, servants not whom they claim to be, and letters showing up bearing no name of sender. Soon she finds herself intrigued by tales of family treasures and a secret room hidden within the very walls of the manor she resides. But it's not only treasure she finds herself seeking. Having made her presence known in the community, it's not long she has admirers, and begins to fall in love herself, although torn between the two men seeking her. With so much happening outside the home, and so many vying to get in, will she solve the mysteries that keep her awake at night, and whom, if anyone will take her hand in the process? I have never read this author before, but am always intrigued by historical fiction. I really liked the setting of this book. And the story as well held my interest. I was very curious about the hidden treasure, and of the many characters who had secret identities. I can't say I sped through the book in rapt attention, but I did find myself wanting to read to know what would happen next. I did feel it a little dry at timed and a little predictable at others. But overall, I'd be willing to read more by this author. And I would recommend it to those who like this particular genre. I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honey review.

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