Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cellar Doors

Cellar Doors Lance LaCoax Morehouse Media Group April 2012 It's small town Willow, where everybody knows everybody.... Or so they think. But suddenly when strange deaths begin to occur, the towns people find they have to question everything and everyone they have ever known. When the investigation dots just aren't lining up, they are forced to open their eyes to a realm they would never have believed or wished to be real. People they never thought could be involved in something so atrocious are ending up on their suspect list, all while the victim list is growing. Shocking secrets about certain townspeople become unearthed while those making the discoveries are forced to hide or run for their lives. Will they be able to get to the bottom of the mystery before its too late? How many lives will be taken before they can stop the unseen predator that was sent to steal, kill and destroy?! I read this book in one sitting. I think it was very well written, especially being this authors first book. His writing style made it very easy to glide through the pages, as did the short chapters. I was excited to learn upon finishing the book that there is to be a sequel. He did a great job setting up the readers anticipation for this next installment. Intertwining the very real spiritual realm with an empowering message, this book is a must read! I received this book from the author for review. I also post all my reviews on and

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hawaiian Crosswinds

Hawaiian Crosswinds Linda Lee Chaikin Moody Publishers June 2011 It's 1892 ,Hawaii. And the winds of change are blowing. Groups rooting for annexation crowd into secret meeting places, discussing plans to overthrow the Hawaiian hierarchy. Rafe Easton is among them, but he has more than the nations problems troubling him. The man who killed his father is on the move again, threatening to harm those closest to him. And the woman he is engaged to, Eden Derrington, is choosing to put her dreams over their relationship. Molokai is the island where all Hawaii's lepers are sent. And it also the very island Eden has set her sights on visiting, in hopes of finding the mother she always believed to be dead. After following her fathers footsteps in the medical field, it only seems natural to now follow him to the leper community with the cure he thinks he has found for his wife. With families intertwined and steeped in secrets, it seems Hawaii's tropical paradise is only a hiding place for the dangers that lurk beyond every corner. Will Rafe be able to convince Eden a more timely marriage is what's best for them? Will Eden have to choose between her fathers life long dreams and the man she loves? And will all the families secrets come to the surface, exposing things that have long been buried? I usually love this author's books, but I have to be honest and say, I had to make myself finish this one. Though she is a historical christian fiction author, I have never felt her books to be religious, I cannot say the same for this book. When I read this genre, I always hope it will be appealing to my christian and non-christian friends alike. And while usually her stories feel like page turners to me, I felt this one was very slow. However, true to form, she did a wonderful job with her historical research, I just felt the story left much to be desired. This would not keep me from reading anymore series she came out with, but I am not very eager to read the third installment of this series.

Cottonwood Summer'45

Cottonwood SUMMER '45 Gary Slaughter Fletcher House June 2012 Jase Addison and Danny Tucker are best friends, or heroes, as most of the town calls them. Having spent most of their 11 years on earth sniffing out and conquering adventures, they have gained quite a name for themselves. And the summer of '45 is no exception. Living in Riverton Michigan, home of one of the wars POW camps, this young sleuthing pair found it almost impossible to stay away from detective work were so obviously destined for. Being taken hostage by a disgruntled POW and forced to co-pilot a stolen plane, discovering a soldier gone AWOL, and joining the police force in a seemingly dead-end robbery case, are only a few of the exciting feats this pair finds their selves mixed up in this summer. And that's just in Michigan. When a friend invites them for a 10 day stay in Nashville Tennessee, their only plans were to have fun, they were not expecting their detective skills and illustrious names to follow them on vacation. They had barely left on the train station when their new adventures began and they follow them into Nashville, they suddenly find they now have to balance their time between site-seeing and visiting the new southern friends they have made, due to their heroic acts upon their first days of arrival. Banding together and taking in every experience with relish and excitement, these boys, yet again, find themselves right where they love most to be, in the heart of the action! This was the first book I have read in the Cottonwood series. I feel the author did a great job making this book read as a stand-alone book. He also does a great job in including lots of interesting history. I especially enjoyed it in this one, as I currently live in Nashville, and learned quite a few new things. I had a little bit of a hard time with how the history was placed in the book, as I am used to reading the history weaved into the fiction story. In this book, it seemed a little disconnected at times, but as I have never read his other books, I may just not be familiar with his writing style. I also wasn't aware that this was really written in the style of a youth or young adult book. And so at first I was a little bored with the urealistic adventures in the story. I think now, understanding both of those things, I would be able to enjoy the rest of his books. And while I think these books are enjoyable to adults, I think a younger crowd would really love this. I know my children will, once they are old enough to read.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Daughters Walk Jane Kirkpatrick Water Brook Press April 2011 It's 1896 when Clara Estby and her mother, Helga begin their journey on foot from Spokane,Washington to New York City. Having been promised a large sum of money from the fashion industry to complete this walk, Helga takes a chance in accepting the wager, knowing she will have to leave her family behind. But to save the family farm, this Norwegian native will do most anything. Having had no say in the matter, Clara is anything but happy as they begin the seven month sojourn. Adding to her frustration, they run into mishaps, sickness and danger. And Clara learns things about herself that change everything she ever known, and who she is to become. Following the railroad tracks, they move from town to town, staying only long enough to earn a bed and add food to their packs. But despite their determination and cunning, they begin to get behind the time line for completion. How will they ever get to New York on time? Upon returning home, they are met with tragedy and hostility. Feeling betrayed Clara decides it's time she sets out to find who she really is, and walks right into the chance of a lifetime. Will this new life and her name afford her the peace and independence she has fought so hard for? Or will she discover that one of the things she needed most, she had all along? I have always enjoyed this author's books. And so, was anxious to read this one. Out of all her books I've read so far, this one is my favorite. I always know I can expect great attention to historical detail and an intriguing story when reading her novels, but this one especially I didn't want to put down. Wonderfully interweaving raw human emotions with the ups and downs of life, this is one book I whole heartily recommend. I received this book from the publisher for review, I also post all my reviews on and amazon.

Crazy Dangerous

Crazy Dangerous Andrew Klavan Thomas Nelson May 2012 Sam Hopkins is running. Running through the woods, hoping it will qualify him for the track team in the coming year. Being a part of that team would give him the popularity status he so eagerly hungers for. But today isn't his day. Bumping into thugs was not in his plans. Neither was standing up to them and then being accepted into their group. Sam is a pastor's kid. The minute he makes allegiance with Jeff Winger and his crew, he knows he is in for trouble. But rather than finding himself scared he finds he is actually excited about the possibilities of danger. With two parents involved in church work and a brother absorbed by college applications, he needed a hobby, and just in time. Suddenly he fits in, and is going to be careful not to botch these relationships, even it if it means stealing cars and seeking out trouble. But things change one afternoon as he heads to the gangs hideout. He sees Jennifer Sales, the school weirdo, wandering the woods. Concerned for her safety, he approaches her. And that's when his gang appears. Things didn't look so good, and they weren't. When Sam realizes his gang is about to harm Jennifer, he has to choose sides. Suddenly he finds himself with a new friend. And Jennifer was just as weird as people believed her. Especially when she begins to tell him her dreams that are actually coming true. Scared, Sam has to decide if her dreams are just lunacy or possibly prophesy, and before its too late. With time running out, Sam finds himself racing to save the lives of almost everyone he knows. Will he find this was just all a bad dream or that Jennifer has been seeing the truth? I enjoyed this book. It was my first by this author and I read it in one day. I think he did a great job writing it from the perspective of a teenager. There were no dry spots that made me want to put the book down for a spell. In fact I felt I couldn't stop turning the pages in excitement to see what would happen next! The author and I may believe differently about a few things, but this would not stop me from recommending this book and acquiring more of his titles. This book was given to me for review by the publisher. I also post all my reviews on and