Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Crazy Dangerous

Crazy Dangerous Andrew Klavan Thomas Nelson May 2012 Sam Hopkins is running. Running through the woods, hoping it will qualify him for the track team in the coming year. Being a part of that team would give him the popularity status he so eagerly hungers for. But today isn't his day. Bumping into thugs was not in his plans. Neither was standing up to them and then being accepted into their group. Sam is a pastor's kid. The minute he makes allegiance with Jeff Winger and his crew, he knows he is in for trouble. But rather than finding himself scared he finds he is actually excited about the possibilities of danger. With two parents involved in church work and a brother absorbed by college applications, he needed a hobby, and just in time. Suddenly he fits in, and is going to be careful not to botch these relationships, even it if it means stealing cars and seeking out trouble. But things change one afternoon as he heads to the gangs hideout. He sees Jennifer Sales, the school weirdo, wandering the woods. Concerned for her safety, he approaches her. And that's when his gang appears. Things didn't look so good, and they weren't. When Sam realizes his gang is about to harm Jennifer, he has to choose sides. Suddenly he finds himself with a new friend. And Jennifer was just as weird as people believed her. Especially when she begins to tell him her dreams that are actually coming true. Scared, Sam has to decide if her dreams are just lunacy or possibly prophesy, and before its too late. With time running out, Sam finds himself racing to save the lives of almost everyone he knows. Will he find this was just all a bad dream or that Jennifer has been seeing the truth? I enjoyed this book. It was my first by this author and I read it in one day. I think he did a great job writing it from the perspective of a teenager. There were no dry spots that made me want to put the book down for a spell. In fact I felt I couldn't stop turning the pages in excitement to see what would happen next! The author and I may believe differently about a few things, but this would not stop me from recommending this book and acquiring more of his titles. This book was given to me for review by the publisher. I also post all my reviews on and

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