Tuesday, April 17, 2012


(Come. And live forever)
Tom Pawlik
Tyndale House Publishers
March 2012

Having left college behind for the summer, and convincing his best friend to come along, Jack Kendrick sets out on a journey, a search for information about his father's mysterious disappearance years ago. Following his anthropologist father's trail, they find themselves in small town, Beckon Wyoming.
With the help of a couple locals, they discover the caves his father was likely to be exploring when he was last seen. Ignoring the dangers rumored about the caves, they precede into the darkness, unprepared for what they are about to find. But meeting with the unknown species and fright of the underground is nothing compared to the secrets the city is sitting on.
Elina Gutierrez and George Wilcox, are also drawn to this small town. Both for reasons completely separate from each other and from Jack. Yet somehow, when their paths cross, they discover they all have something in common- they are all in danger. Upon trying to discover the truth they are faced with two options, get free, or stay and lose your life. Will they be able to outwit their predator before its too late?

This book was very different from what I normally read, but the author drew me in right away. Never did I feel bored while reading this. I will say though, it is weird. Which I think the author intends. But I was impressed that 'his' version of weird didn't have to be twisted or dark. He still exposed the light and brought hope. Even with the vivid imagination I own that usually keeps me from reading material like this, I'd definitely read more of his books and enjoy them.

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