Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Angel Eyes

Angel Eyes Shannon Dittemore Thomas Nelson May 2012 Never did Brielle imagine she would be heading back to her hometown. But as tragedy hits in Portland, she finds herself on a bus headed back to the small town she left behind not even two years ago. Upon her arrival, she has a run in with a very strange guy, one who's touch is fire hot. Despite her first impressions of him, she finds she is inexplicably drawn to him. On a very stormy night, after an unwise walk through the fields, they find their selves thrown together in an obscure barn. And then when it happens, she witnesses something she has never seen before. Without full comprehension, she knows this guy, Jake, is definitely different. As things heat up, she winds up right in the middle of something much larger than she could have ever prepared for. Coming from a home that believed nothing of God, let alone the super natural, she is forced to open her eyes to a world of Angels and demons and decide for herself whether they are real or not. After time, it becomes clear that there are certain things she simply cannot deny. Especially after putting on the 'bracelet'. When her eyes are finally opened to a realm she never dream existed, she and Jake discover the battle they are fighting, is one of good and evil. Light verses dark. I really liked this book. I read it in two days. I always enjoy reading a new perspective. I was especially excited to find that it will have two more in the series. I will be anxious for the next installment! I think this was really well done, especially considering it was this author's first novel! I received this book from the publisher for review.

Where Lilacs Still Bloom

Where Lilacs Still Bloom Jane Kirkpatrick Water Brook Publishers April 2012 It started with an apple and the desire to see it larger and crisper. Hulda Klager dreamed of an apple that would better suit the needs of her family. When her father told her to follow her dreams, and that she was smart enough to hybridize an apple, she decided to listen. At first hiding her hybridizing from her husband, she realizes she cannot withhold her excitement as she bites into her first apple. Finding she has her whole families support, she begins to dabble in her flower garden and comes alive! Flowers are her passion. With her children at her side, she begins to construct a garden that craves admiration. After creating many new varieties of her flowers, she feels drawn to focus on her lilacs, more specifically creating a creamy white, 12 petaled lilac. Paying children from the community to help her, she soon has everything she needs to follow her heart. However, after tragedy strikes her family, she begins to wonder if her priorities are in the right place. Has she spent too much time tending her flowers and not enough with her children? But whenever she tries to give up her passion, her steadfast husband is there, encouraging, even sacrificing for her to continue. Making contacts in the horticulture world and gaining a following is something she never imagined, but she still worries. With the floods constantly threatening to ruin her work and what about the tragedy that seems to follow her, she wonders if God is telling her to change her course? In a garden full of love and dreams, this is true story of an amazing woman who changed history. This would be a really great book for anyone who is passionate about gardening. This was not one of my personal favorite's by this author. As I do not yet have a garden, I was a little bored at some points in this book. However,I really enjoyed the story of Hulda, and would love to see her gardens. Some of the fictional characters, I didn't feel the need for in this story. But overall, true to this author's style, she did an excellent job with her history research, and I especially enjoyed the relationship she painted between Hulda and her husband. I recieved this book from the publisher for review.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Flame of Resistance

Flame of Resistance Tracy Groot Tyndale House May 2012 It's occupied France, the year of 1944 when Tom Jaeger, a downed American pilot finds himself being taken into the custody of French resistance conspirators. Upon recovering from his wounds, he finds he is to aid the resistance, known as the Flame, in a plan to retrieve details about the various guarded bridges. Posing as a German officer, he is sent to meet Brigitte Durand. Brigitte, also resistance, runs a Germans-only brothel. Certainly when Tom signed up for this war he could never have known his job would include spending time with a prostitute. But as their relationship heats up, so does the trail leading to Flame itself. With spies everywhere, suddenly they find their situation has been compromised. And the Millice, the French equivalent to the German Gestapo, will stop at nothing until they uncover all those involved. Racing to cover their tracks, they can only stand back helpless as those they love are being captured. Can they put a stop to what they have started before everyone has to pay a price? Suddenly a very unlikely group of friends, begins to grasp not only at saving their lives, but hopes also for the promise of love. I really liked this book! Always a fan of historical fiction, I especially enjoyed this one as I love anything old French. The author has a very easy reading style, that weaves an exciting story mingled with ever interesting war history. I loved all the characters and all the details she included. I will definitely be acquiring more of this author's books! I recieved this book from the publisher for review.