Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Angel Eyes

Angel Eyes Shannon Dittemore Thomas Nelson May 2012 Never did Brielle imagine she would be heading back to her hometown. But as tragedy hits in Portland, she finds herself on a bus headed back to the small town she left behind not even two years ago. Upon her arrival, she has a run in with a very strange guy, one who's touch is fire hot. Despite her first impressions of him, she finds she is inexplicably drawn to him. On a very stormy night, after an unwise walk through the fields, they find their selves thrown together in an obscure barn. And then when it happens, she witnesses something she has never seen before. Without full comprehension, she knows this guy, Jake, is definitely different. As things heat up, she winds up right in the middle of something much larger than she could have ever prepared for. Coming from a home that believed nothing of God, let alone the super natural, she is forced to open her eyes to a world of Angels and demons and decide for herself whether they are real or not. After time, it becomes clear that there are certain things she simply cannot deny. Especially after putting on the 'bracelet'. When her eyes are finally opened to a realm she never dream existed, she and Jake discover the battle they are fighting, is one of good and evil. Light verses dark. I really liked this book. I read it in two days. I always enjoy reading a new perspective. I was especially excited to find that it will have two more in the series. I will be anxious for the next installment! I think this was really well done, especially considering it was this author's first novel! I received this book from the publisher for review.

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