Friday, April 13, 2012

Sixty Acres and a Bride

Sixty Acres and a Bride
Regina Jennings
Bethany House Publishers
February 2012

Still grieving their loss, widows, Rosa and Louise Garner journey north from their Mexican abode, back to the home Louise had left behind in Texas ten years ago.Not sure what to expect upon their arrival, they are horrified when they are told they owe four years in back taxes, and they have just three months to pay it. With nothing to their names, they put everything they have into earning the money they will need to save the farm they have come to love.
Meanwhile, as Rosa soaks up the love of a new found family, and delights in her new home, her beauty begins attracting unwanted attentions and precarious offers of help. Trying to understand the Texan customs and forms of communication, she further complicates things by befriending a man, Weston, who is also shouldering a heartache.
While she knows nothing can come of their friendship, she discovers her feelings are much deeper for him that she had ever intended. She begins cherishing every moment she has with him. But after her mother-in-law Louise, causes her to put herself in a most unbecoming position before him, she feels sure there will be nothing she can do to regain his trust.
Now the women not only face losing their farm, but also some of the people they love most. Will they be able to save everything they worked so hard for? And will either of them find love again? In a race against time and circumstances, two women band together to hold on to all they find dear.

This was good for an author's first work of fiction. It was not, however a book I loved. The story was interesting enough, but I got a little bored with the emotional tug-o-war between the two main characters. I did like the era and the setting. And I liked that the main character was from Mexico, as I have always been drawn to their culture. Overall, knowing readers differ in what makes a book to their taste, I do think others will enjoy this book.

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