Thursday, March 12, 2015

This is what you just put into your mouth?

It all started with a can of cheese whiz. Eight years later it's a book filled with glucuronolactone,poloxamer 407,agar, dimethicone,ethoxydiglycol,pyrethrin and so many other hard to pronounce and somewhat sketchy ingredients. You'll recognize popular products such as A-1 sauce, Doritos, Listerine, PowerBar, artificial logs, Febreze, even Heroin! And like it or not, you'll see what's in them all. Not only that, but what the companies would or would not divulge. Certainly there are some items that will stay in your home, despite all you learn here, but others, may leave you questioning and possibly doubting it's usage. Fantastically researched, well written and very absorbing, you'll find this a hard one to set down! Very intriguing to say the least! It's a little scary to see what is in so mAny of these products. (Makes me very secure in my choice to stay orgAnic in all I do) the author did a Great amount of research for this book aNd it shows. And while his intent was not to out all these products in a negative light.. It's hard not to feel so towards so many of them, just by nature of what they are using and accepting as ok for consumption or use. Over all, very informative, well written and page turning. Great job!

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