Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Berenstain Bears Country Cookbook

"Brother and sister bear will be very hungry when they get home from baseball practice", said Papa. "You're right dear. Let's make a salad to go with the Green Noodle Salad", said Mama. "And biscuits and honey too?", said Papa. Mama laughed. "Biscuits and honey too!" The Berenstain bears are hungry, but not to worry. They'll have plenty to cook right here in the pages of these book. They'll find Scotch eggs, sausage and tater tots wraps, Beary good mac n cheese, meat and potato kabobs, blue-beary pie , cola cake and so many more! And what's best, they are all cub, I mean kids friendly too. Not only can will the little ones enjoy eating these goodies, they will be able to help make them too! I have always loved the Berenstain bears, and now my children do too. We usually love reading their books and look forward to getting new ones. Unfortunately, I can't say that about this book. While it does hAve the beloved illustrations, and kid friendly recipes- reminiscent of a children's cookbook I have from childhood, it lacks a lot in the nutrition department. I understand that most American kids eat a very restricted amount of foods, and parents tend to feed them easy foods. It's just not now we eat in our family, so most of these recipes are just not practical. If I could modify them to make them work, I'd do so, but that would require a lot more effort at which point it would mKe Moore sense to use a regular cookbook. I really did want to like this book, but I'd not recommend it unless you are a person already eating a very processed diet. I like that they tried to tie in the bear theme. And that every page is kid friendly to look at. But over all, we will not be making anything in this book.

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