Monday, March 16, 2015

A Fifty-Year Silence

Miranda is determined to find out why her grandparents haven't spoken in over fifty years. What secrets are they hiding? What pain lies in the past? As she begins to see with more mature eyes, her world begins to look unchangeably different. And after spending a summer in France her fifteenth year, feeling a connection to a family home in the South of France, she now feels uncertain what her future holds as well. Trying to navigate the dynamic quirks of family communication, Miranda finds herself in an unfamiliar sea, tend very unsure how to chart it. I really enjoyed this book. While it was slow in a few areas, I really liked her writing style. I always love a good memoir, and I adore anything about France. I really delighted in the descriptions of the old house, and was always wondering what would happen in the grandparents relationship. I think it is a great lighthearted memoir with and intriguing subject. Bravo.

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