Saturday, April 4, 2015

Capture The Moment

"Visual storytelling comes in many forms...." So with this details guide, you can finally say what you been meaning to say when clicking that shutter button! You'll learn to consider the placement of your subject, incorporate texture or design, remove obscure elements, study the zone system study body language, find great locations and so very much more! All simply told by real life and a lot of times, unassuming photographers. Very tip is accompanied by a beautiful photo. And just like the title suggests, always captures a moment. This is a fantastic book! It's brimming with greAt tips for the professional photographer looking for new inspiration and the amateur mom photographer who just wants to create great photos of her beautiful life. Everything is kept really simple, and told more like a friend offering a tip instead of an instructional guide. And the photography, is to be expected, congruent with the wonderful tips, seeing a photo example of what's bing described helps the visual learner like me, commit everything to memory. My professional Photographer sister also loved this book! So I can honestly recommend it without hesitation, to all manner of photo snappers, and quite honestly, would like to get a copy for all my mom friends who seem to have a knack for taking only fuzzy pictures of their kids :) I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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