Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Apartment Therapy- complete and happy home

What house style fits you best? Tudor? craftsman? Brownstone? Weigh your options with a list of handy pros and cons for any style of home that suits your fancy. And then start getting your home set up! Learn the best ways to live in your home and maintain it. Figure out color schemes, decor preferences, furniture arrangemens and lighting. Choose art, floors, rugs and wall coverings. View full do,or photos of put together rooms, including kids rooms, Outdoor bathrooms, sunroom offices and more. Get excited about awesome outdoor spaces. Learn want plants to grow inside. Peruse all sorts of useful information about stain removal and handy man tips. The list goes on for this comprehensive guide to making your home the perfect fit for you and your lifestyle! Really great book! I love home decor and am Often disappointed with books about it. But this book not only inspired me with the photos and ideas, it gave me more knowledge, and will now be an awesome too, for anytime I redecorate a space or help a friend. all the tips and tricks are wonderful, and the expa,nation of style is helpful. Seeing the way they put rooms together was great, so many styles represented in here. Definetly a book I'll be reading often! Great job. I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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