Thursday, July 10, 2014

My Paris Kitchen

Take a trip to Paris , in your own kitchen! How about Eggplant égalité, créme fraîche & tangerine-champagne sorbet to get your French taste buds going? Not enough? Maybe you need some duck fat cookies, spiced speculoos flan or white bean-sausage-duck confit casserole. There are quiche, soufflés ,omelets, soups, sauces and desserts aplenty! And in between all the mouth watering dishes you will find really helpful hints and engaging personal stories. Take France home with you on this perfectly delectable book. I liked this book upon arrival. I really like the way it's printed. There are a perfect amount of photos and the writing is very interesting to read. I really enjoyed the personal experiences and stories he writes, while giving delicious recipes. I haven't cooked any yet, but there are tons I want to try. I admit, some may be too exotic to attempt in my own kitchen. But on the whole I think I will get much use out of this book. And the recipes I'd love to taste but have no patience to cook, I'll take to my sisters house, where I'm guaranteed they'll make it to the table.

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