Monday, February 27, 2012

The Secret life of a Fool

The Secret Life of a Fool
Andrew Palau
Worthy Publishers
April 2012

He is in a club downtown Boston. Music and lights overwhelming his senses. With his family and past on the other coast, it's not possible somebody would know him here. So then who was this guy asking him if he was a believer?
Feeling strangely comforted that another was insinuating they may be spiritual brothers, he decides to tell him yes, he is a believer. Instantly the man grows excited, " I knew it, you're a follower of Satan, right?"
Trying to scream "No!" to the man who is now laughing as he walks away, Andrew Palau races through his memory, trying to find what is was this man saw that would have caused him to believe he followed Satan.
But if given time to reflect, he knows, it won't be hard to see what events may have led up to this mystifying encounter. Blowing up cars in his fraternity days, taking liberties with women, harassing helpless bums, and hitchhiking through Europe are only a few of the antics that color his past most unflattering.
It wasn't until he ventured into Jamaica's Blue mountains, that he began to see what is was he was missing. That the very thing he longed for, was the very thing he had spent most of his life running from. Making amends with his past, he moves into his future. One full of grace, and an everlasting love.

I enjoyed this book. It was a quick read, but full of insight. I believe his story will be one many can relate to. It will show those, who have a past laden with mischief, that they are still very worthy of being loved and pursued by a merciful God. He proves that you don't have to have a clean slate in order to move forward, and become the person you were truly called to be. I definitely recommend this book!

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