Thursday, March 1, 2012

Eye of the Sword

Having to leave Princess Melaia, the woman he loves behind, Trevin embarks on his King's mission to find the missing
Camrithian comains. Knowing the princess will be left in the company of a seedy Dregmoorian prince, he hopes to make this
mission a short one. But he has acquired another quest. Procure the stolen harps Melaia needs in order to restore the stairway to heaven.
Trevin's journey isn't without it's dangers. With increased uneasiness, he traverses unfamiliar territory, and right into the arms of a murder
that may determine the rest of his future. Struggling with doubts about his colorful past, he tries desperately to clear his name and
finds himself faced with questions he doesn't know the answer to. Who was he? And who is he to become?
In a world full of angels and mystical creatures, malevolents lurk in the shadows,maintaining the unquestionable battle of good verses evil.
Caught in it's crossfires, Trevin experiences a level of grace he never imagined himself to be worthy of. And just in time, as his whole future depends
on it.

I very much enjoyed this book! It was so wonderful to be transported into another world. I stopped several times to marvel at the
imagination of the writer. It was very easy to read pages upon pages without knowing I'd read so many. This being the second in the series,I
was glad I'd read the first one; but only for the want of gleaning more of the story, as the author did a great job making this book understandable for
those who haven't yet had the pleasure of reading the other. I already have a list of those I know I will be lending this to. And I am very excited to
read the next installment.
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This book was provided for me by the publisher for review.

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