Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Missionary

The Missionary
William Carmichael & David Lambert
Moody Publishers
March 2009

Caracas Venezuela is home for the Ellers. Saving the orphaned children from the streets is their mission. Having left their families and familiar homes behind, they have followed God into a foreign land in hopes they might make a difference. And while they are faced with sadness and an oppressive government everyday, they are happy. At least on the outside. But David Eller finds himself wanting more. A chance to really feel important, to live up to assumed expectations.
So when an opportunity arises for Eller to take part in a secret mission to over-throw the Venezuelan president, he takes it. Despite the still quiet voice trying to speak to him. Desperately wanting to believe he hasn't endangered his family, friends and all he has worked for, he ignores the first signs of trouble t his new opportunity presents. But as events unfold, he realizes he has made a grave mistake. Everything he knew to be his life is at stake. Fervently he hopes he can rewind the hands of time before its too late.
When a manhunt is declared with his name on it, David suddenly finds himself running for his life. Not knowing how to clear his name, he tries frantically to get he and his family to safety by fleeing the country. Will he survive long enough to lay aside his desire to prove his worth, and if he does, will his wife ever forgive him for the mess he has made?

This book to me was just OK. While the authors did a good job writing the story, I found I just wasn't very interested in it. I wouldn't rule out reading another book of theirs, I just wouldn't recommend it to my friends with extra zeal. I would however like to get my husband's take on it, as a male may identify more with the story line.
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