Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Three Hearts (dvd)
Samaritan's Purse
Starring Cissie Graham
February 2012

Following in the footsteps of two inspirational greats, Billy and Franklin Graham, Cissie Lynch (granddaughter and daughter), embarks on an exciting journey in hopes of saving lives. Signing on as an intern with the Children's Heart Project, she is given the opportunity to bring three children to the United States,from Mongolia, for much needed heart surgeries.
Cissie is also newly married. Trying to learn the part of being a new wife, while juggling a new internship that's very close to her heart proves to be challenging, as she finds her trip to Mongolia coinciding with her NFL husband's draft and relocation.
Having made a tough decision on which road she will take, a very fortunate family will get the chance of a lifetime to fill her shoes.
Stuffed with hope and new beginnings, watch as three children and their families are given much more than new life here on Earth. And see how it's not just those given a new heart who's lives are radically changed in the process.

Great DVD! This will tug at your heart strings and build your faith. Witnessing the miraculous surgeries that provide a better life for these children will make you want to applaud. Seeing mothers, who have never known Jesus, choose Him, will make you cry. I believe I liked everything about this, except the music. ( Just doesn't happen to be my favorite genre... Which of course will vary for everyone watching) Definitely recommend.
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