Monday, February 13, 2012

The Summer My life began

The Summer My Life Began
Shannon Greenland
May 2012

For Elizabeth Margaret, graduating high school would not mean a summer full of parties and the possibility of a short lived summer romance. No, it would mean an internship at her dad's law firm. What else could be expected of the senior class valedictorian, whose every step of her life has been meticulously laid out for her, just like her wardrobe.
But a letter arrives in the mail from an unknown aunt, begging Elizabeth to come summer with her in the Outer Banks, NC. Elizabeth- 'Em', begins to feel that this may be the ticket out of the mundane that she has been desperately longing for! She only needs to convince her parents to feel the same way.
Leaving her sister behind and making a promise to spend the last half of her summer in the law firm, Em finds herself right in the middle of paradise. Surely she had no idea it would be this grand! Finally, she has been given the chance to be herself. Em starts to see her dreams become possibilities and new worlds open up to her, ones she had only dreamed about. But she also stumbles upon some buried family secrets, will they threaten to ruin her newfound happiness and put her back on the path she just left?
Surrounded by sunsets, exquisite cuisine, new friends made and boys that make her heart flutter, this is sure to be 'The summer her life begins.

I thought this book was really cute. As a teenager, I would have loved everything about it. It was a quick read, but perfect in length, I think, for the age demographic it is set to reach. I really enjoyed the light hearted feel of the writing. I think the author did a great job! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to any teenage girl, or any woman for that matter, who wants to go back in time and remember the youthfulness of setting out, following dreams, and falling in love.
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