Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Last Plea Bargain

The Last Plea Bargain
Randy Singer
Tyndale House
March 2012

Jamie Brock, assistant DA for Milton County, ex-work out junkie, and victim of a crime that ripped her family apart is seeking justice and means to avenge her mother's killer. She follows her father's footsteps into the court room, shows no mercy, and never plea bargains!
Already hard at work trying to keep Antoine Marshall (her mother's killer) behind bars and on death row, Jamie is shocked when Caleb Tate, the lawyer responsible for much of her families grief during the proceedings, is now himself being accused of murder in the first degree. When Jamie finds out that her boss, DA William Masterson, will be taking the case, she begs to be his second hand. How sweet would her revenge be if she could see two of her most hated nemeses undergo the needle.
But things aren't going as planned. Shortly after Tate serves a few days in jail, the courtroom proceedings begin to take a mysterious turn. Prisoners begin rejecting deals- deals they would have jumped on, not even a week ago. The prisons are becoming crowded, the judges are having to rule with a relaxed gavel, and the only inmates brave enough to try for a plea bargain end up in danger.
Overwhelmed, Brock and her comrades are against the clock as they try to uncover the problem that is clogging up the court systems. But in her search, she finds out some very unsettling information about her family. Meanwhile, she begins to have cryptic messages delivered to her that cause her to question everyone she trusts.
It's now up to Jamie to decide what and how much information she has learned in order to set free those who are innocent. Will she have to go against everything she ever thought she stood for? And who can she rely on to help her?
As the tables turn from friend to foe, everyone must choose whose side they are on and how far they will go to seek justice.

I liked this book. I can't say I loved it. The story was well written, as his books usually are, but for me it didn't seem quite as exciting as I was expecting. I was surprised at the ending, which to me says a lot about the writer's skills, as he didn't make the conclusion too obvious. He does a good job with character development and made it easy for someone who doesn't generally read courtroom thrillers to understand what was happening in the court proceedings. All in all, it's worth a read.

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