Tuesday, December 23, 2014

It Will Be Ok -- trusting God through fear and change

Little seed likes his cozy little packet in his cozy little shed,high up on his little shelf. He doesn't need change,mand while he knows the farmer is good and kind, he's content to stay put. Little fox loves his cozy little hole. He doesn't need to stay outside when the scary shadows and eery sounds frighten him. He's ok to stay just where he is. And then a storm rages, scaring little fox right out of his hole, and knocking little seed put of his packet and off his shelf. When little fox comes racing in for antler, little seed isn't sure he wants the intrusion. But they soon learn, having a friend is nice. And while they know the farmer is good and kind, they don't want anything to change. But the farmer comes one day for the seed. He says he has good plans for him. The seed is scared, little fox is too. But as the seed grows where the farmer has put him, he and his friend little fox begin to really trust that the farmer really knows what's best. And when they see how they've become great as the farmer intended all along, they are glad they trusted him with their futures! Really cute book! The illustrations are adorable. The story is written well, and has a great message. My four year old keeps asking if we can read "the fox book". So it's a hit with my little ones as well. A great book to add to your collection. I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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