Thursday, August 28, 2014

Love Letters From God

You have all heard the stories time and again. Jonah and the whale, Daniel and the lions den, David and Goliath and so many more. But have you heard them in a fresh new voice? And accompanied by beautiful illustrations? Well here is your chance to do just that.!
As you are looking for an opportunity to delight in the same great stories that remind you just how amazing our God is, why not have an all out visual feast? 
Don't forget to lift the flap on each page, where there is a letter written to you from God to go along with each story!  What a great way to learn Gods word, no matter what your age, but especially for the young who still hold so much wonder for all things great!

This book is great! Really well done. I just love the illustrations. And the letters from God are such a nice touch. Especially the line given to write in a child's name. My children were thrilled when I added their names to the letter. They loved the picutres and sat still through each story, as it's just the right length. The corresponding verses on each page are a great way to get scripture in your kids hearts in a fun way.  I Definitely would love to give this book as a gift to all the other children in my life.  

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

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