Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Story Keeper

Jen Gibbs is living her dream. Having multiple successful publishing houses under her belt, she has just moved up to the best; the popular Vida House of New York City. And she is determined to make an impression. So when a mysterious manuscript ends up on her desk shortly after she arrives, she feels conflicted. Does she return this intriguing story to the sacred "slush pile" in which she is sure it hallowed from? Or does she take a risk with her new boss to see if this story has what it takes to finally make a name for herself? Suddenly she finds herself in the Appalachian mountains. A place of beauty, but filled with memories of the past she has tried so hard to keep hidden. But in her search to find the elusive author of the manuscript, her past finds her, and she is forced to face it and decide whether or not it will change her future. And her future isn't looking very bright as her run-ins with the suspected author are anything but hopeful. Saddened by her families situation and frustrated by her unsuccessful ghost writer hunt, she is about to throw in the towel. But just when things are seemingly at their end, disaster and discoveries come riding in the wind, and change everything. I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I read this book in record time. I had to make myself put it down, for wanting to know what would happen next. I admit, I thought the manuscript inside the book was a bit slow at times. But as a whole I really enjoyed this book. There were no over the top Christian themes, which I prefer, as it's readable to a larger audience. I did wish the book were a little longer. I could have kept reading about her characters and their decisions. I am not sure if I have ever read Wingate before, but I will now be reading more of her books.

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