Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Child of Mine

Kelly Maines feels anything but hopeful. Eight years ago her newborn baby was stolen right from her home. It's been eight years of dead ends. And it's been that many years she has held onto her private investigator and the dream she may yet find her daughter. Another chunk of money and yet another lead. Could it really be that her missing child has been this close all along? This is where she meets Jack Livingston, who has been raising his niece the past eight years. Is this just pure coincidence, or is this the bog break? Drawing near to Jack and Natalie (his neice), she now finds herself torn in between telling him the truth of her initial visit and keeping it hidden to just enjoy what is right in front of her. Long kept secrets come to the surface as everyone involved starts asking questions and looking for answers. Will her search end in vain.. Will she find what she was looking for, or will she see she wanted something different all along? This book really had me excited to see what would happen next. I will say, there was a little bit of cheesy dialogue that I didn't care for at times. But as the story goes, very intriguing. Twist and turns I didn't expect. I liked all the character contrast and was very pleased with this books ending! I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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