Tuesday, August 26, 2014

$10 Dollar Great Dates

Get out there and fall in love! And do it for only ten dollars.  Whether it's dreaming of home renovations at the hardware store, planting flowers together in your back yard or acting like tourists in your own city- everyone will find something in this book that will help them reconnect with their spouse. You can choose from a number of stay at homes dates, get out in the city dates, dreaming and scheming dates or cozy coffee dates, and many more. And because child care often costs more than the date itself, you will also find a number of child care resources. So grab ten bucks and go have fun!

There were a lot of cute ideas in here, some stuff we already do just in daily life, and some stuff I'd not like. To do, like stay at home dates unless the kids were away. Just for me personally, I can't have a true date if the kids are present, even of they are sleeping, we still feel like we are on duty.  A lot of these dates are just not do-able if you do not live near family or friends, as child care would make any of these 5 times the price. But if you are in a great community there are a lot of cute ideas to try out.   I do think it would be fun to a t like newly weds again, talking to each other like we are just discovering each other for the first time. S maybe these will he  is do that one day when we have the babysitting resources we need.

I relieved this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

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