Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Little book of book making

It's time to express your creativity, book style! Find all kinds of inspiration as you browse full color photos of other artists works from all around the world. You'll find books with folded bindings, sewn bindings and experimental packaging. You will discover not only unique book making practices, but practical as well. Along with a myriad of other resources to make the perfect book, like natural plant dyeing, frontage and paper marbling. Have fun with different stitches and experiment with fabric covers, open your mind and find a whole new way to make a book! As someone who already owns a pile of book making and binding books, I'm always excited to get fresh ideas in any new book I see. In this book, I like seeing other artists works and reading about them as well. I always enjoy seeing others creative process. And I do like the instructions and resources that are in the book. I'd say the only thing I didn't love was the lack of tutorial type information. While the book does explain some great techniques, I wouldn't recommend this book to someone who wanted the instructions laid out for every book they wanted to mAke. But for an Overall I think it's creative and nicely done.

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