Friday, December 30, 2011

The big book of American trivia

The Big Book of American Trivia
J.Stephen Lang
Tyndale House Publishers

What make of car was named for a chief of the Ottawa tribe? What popular toy, launched in 1960, was a plastic box filled with aluminum powder? What historic masked parade takes place in Philidelphia on New Year's Day? And, what Northern "rust belt" state, leads the narion in the growing of Christmas trees?
The answer to these questions and three thousand more can all be found, dancing across the pages of this entertaining and factual book. World records, Hollywood cinema, Presidents, facts about your home state and a plethora of other interesting subjects will arrest your atntion as you learn share and enjoy these facinating facts in America's history!
Have fun teaching your children, stumping your friends and expanding your own knowledge. Fun for road trips, fireside,educational settings and more, this book will keep you entertained for hours. Who knew learning could be so fun?! And just in case you still don't believe this informational book can be amusing, ask yourself this, What men-only contest started by Carnival cruise line is now a feature of every cruise ship? A. The Mr. Hairy Chest contest, of course!

This book is put together really well. All of the trivia questions are sorted by category, and the answers are easily found on the next page. This book is fun and educational. I even found the size and feel of the pages to be optimal. A much reccomended book to anyone who enjoys learning... You never know when random tid-its of knowledge will come in handy!
I received this book free from the publisher for review.

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