Monday, January 13, 2014

An Untamed Heart

Ingeborg Strand wants more than anything to be a midwife, and begins to hope it will happen when her mom requests her presence on a few house calls. But when trying to peruse it, she feels like her mom is closing the door on the issue. Her sister is soon to be married. And a lot of pressure has been put on Ingeborg herself to find a husband. But she isn't interested in marriage, and tires of her cousins constant love struck conversations. All she can think about it retreating to the Summer house. Away from familie's watchful eye, and the pressure to preform. Finally the day comes to head up the mountain. Finally she can breathe easier, that is, until they find an injured man on the mountain, suddenly she has added nurse to her list of responsibilities. As time goes on, she fears, it's not his injuries that scare her most, but the feelings she has for him, threatening to consume her every thought . In twists and turns their fate ends up much different Than planned, Both in places they wouldn't have imagined..Can her heart make the journey it's being required to take? I have to start by saying, I have not read the series that this book was Meant for as a prequel. So I didn't have anything invested in the characters as one who has read them may, that being said, I didn't really enjoy this book. While I liked the feeling of experiencing another world in another time, I didn't love the writing. The conversationAl slang was much too modern for the time period and setting. It made it very hard to get really into the story . And honestly it was quite depressing. Life can be, I don't expect every book to have a happy ending. But I wasnt really expecting this particular book to end on such a melancholic note. I will say, I would still be willing to read her other books, particularly the series this is connected to because I liked her ideas, and would like to see if I enjoyed her other books better. I received this book from the publisher in exchange for a review.

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