Monday, April 14, 2014

The Quilted Heart

It's St. Charles, 1865, the home of Maren, Emilie & Caroline . They are three very different women, with pasts as diverse as they are. Yet they all find comfort in the quilting circle. Here is a place to let their worries and joys be known. It's just the kind of healing each ot them needs. Mona, a transplant from Denmark, is feeling homesick and lovesick. So far from her family, and left all alone after a marriage proposal goes awry, she is glad to find a second family in the Bratrnbergs. Content to do her work until she can buy passage home, she is very unprepared for the man the Lord brings into her life. Will this change everything? Emilie loves working for her fathers store. Especially because he is all she has. And with her father sending her to school, she has little time for anything else, least of all love. Then why is she so charmed by an old childhood friend, just returned. How will this effect the life her father has laid out for her? Caroline is still trying to deal with the fact that her husband will never return home from the war. Heartbroken and beaten down, she deicides she'd like to try a new adventure to relieve her mind of its troubles. Then why is she finding the once prickly confederate soldier so entrancing? Could he be what she needs to mend her heart? I have to say, I didn't love this book. But I think that's due to discovering, while reading this book that I don't love novellas. The story progresses too fast for me and then begins to feel unrealistic. I would however still recommend this book to another, as a lighthearted and quick read. The was nothing in it for me that was profound, but again, a cute quick read. It Would be especially great for a teenager who is looking to join the current fad in reading romance novels. This of course would be a much better alternative to what everyone else is reading.

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