Thursday, November 20, 2014

Sketch! France Belleville-Van Stone

Get your drawing choice drawing pad, select your favorite drawing implement, and get cozy with this inspirational drawing diary of sorts. Go on a journey with an untrained artist, as she sketches her way into the category of accomplished artist. Learn how she began, what tools she uses, how to go digital and finding the time to draw. Flip through these pages and feel as if you are sitting down with the artist having an exclusive conversation. Get a peek at her sketches, the finished and left un-done. You'll even go on an alphabetical adventure of inspired ideas for your next sketch. So sit down, and sketch! Very enjoyable book! I was pleased right away by the publishing of this book. The pages are supple, but pliable at the same time. The creative cut and layout are very esthetically pleasing. And the book it's self is a fun quick read. I wouldn't recommend this as a guide or how-to type book. But more of an artists journey and discoveries as she learned to draw. But I would recommend it as inspirational.just seeing her start to finish, and utilizing a lot of her great and simple tips. Fun book for any sketchers collection.

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