Monday, March 3, 2014

Wings of glass

Penny lives in a small town, with a small population. So it's almost natural that she would take the first guy who showed an interest in her. Especially when it's Trent Taylor, older, handsome and most of all,interested in Penny. But the honeymoon phase doesn't last long. The handsome face can't hide his abusive side. And penny can't hide from him. Things get rough, but Penny stays true. Until an accident changes everything. With Trent not working, Penny takes a job. And despite her hesitancy, befriends the ladies she works with. It's not hArd for them to see what's happening behind her closed doors. And they begin to get involved. As Penny fights what she knows in her heart is right, the ladies fight harder to help keep her alive. Can Penny stand up for herself, separate her emotions from the damaging Trent, long enough to finally make things right? And will she have the support she needs if she makes it free? I liked this book. This is the first I had read from this author. I really enjoyed the story line, and was continually looking to see what would happen next. I think she did a great job and would recommend this to a variety of people. I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

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