Monday, November 14, 2011

The Encounter

The Encounter
Stephen Arterburn
Thomas Nelson
November 2011

Greeted by the bitter cold, Jonathan "gold' Rush, founder of a fortune 500 company, steps off his private jet into Fairbanks Alaska. Despite the snow being a logical reason for shivering, he knows, deep down, the chill he has, is rooted in his heart, and he has unfinished business here.
 Reluctantly giving into his mentor's advice, he decides to finally make amends with his past, in hopes of being set free from the harbored anger that has caused his life to spiral out of control. He knows in order to move on, he must go back, and face his past.
Ada Guthrie looks at the newspaper clip once more before she adds it to the memory book. One more glimpseat her precious son. She would do anything to turn back time and revoke her decision to abandon him that day, so long ago. And for his forgiveness? Guilt wouldn't even let her dream of such.
Jonathan, in his feeling hopeless about finding his mother, who's name he doesn't even know. decides to let a local reporter befriend him when she tells him she can help, 'off the record'. After walking into a few dead ends, they meet a lady named Mercy. And Mercy knows about Ada. Will she give Jonathan the puzzle pieces to his past?  And if confronted with the truth, will he decide to finally forgive?

I liked this book. The author's writing style made it an enjoyable read. I liked his descriptions and his characters. I believe the book was meant mostly to be thought provoking, but I still hoped for more story development, as I was very much entertained while reading. I'd want no changes to the story itself, just fluffed out a bit more. I would however still tell others to read this. It's a short read, I think the story is intriguing enough for a fiction reader, and has depth enough for the person seeking answers.

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