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Reclaiming Lily

Reclaiming Lily
Patti Lacey
Bethany House Publishers
October 2011

Getting out of the van, Gloria and Andrew Powell are finally standing in front of the Chinese orphanage that houses their baby. Excited to start their life as parents, they are dismayed to find out that there are no babies to be adopted. Full of grief from years of waiting, they try to console themselves that their baby is somewhere else in China. But then she sees her. The minute Gloria meet seyes with that dark haired, dark eyed, beautiful child, 'Joy', they would call her, she knows she was destined to be their child.
Dr. Kai Chang, growing up a child of assumed Chinese counter revolutionaries, could never have dreamed this would be her life. Living in Boston, graduate of Harvard, and working for one of the best medical institutions in the country, this was beyond the good fortune she thought her 'healing hand' would bring her. However she knows she won't be satisfied until she fulfills her mother's last dying wish "reclaim Lily".
After years of searching for her sister, Dr. Kai finds Lily, living in Texas with the family who adopted her. Hesitant to leave her work and loving boyfriend behind, she feels it's pertinent she meets Lily, to have her tested for the genetic disease that killed their mother.
Dealing with troubles of their own, the Powell's are very inconvenienced when Joy's sister contacts them out of the blue telling them they must meet and discuss a matter than could effect Joy's life permanently. Full of mistrust, they decide to still meet her. During their hostile conversation, they receive news about Joy that forces them to put their anger on hold and go help her.
In the wake of a natural disaster, the four are thrown together in ways they would not have ever wanted or imagined. But as they re-examine their lives and their hearts, friendship begins to bloom. What will it take to reclaim Lily, and will they be willing to come to terms with the plans the Lord has for their lives, even if it means letting go of one they love.

While I liked parts of this book, and it held my attention long enough to finish it, it did not draw me in.  I enjoyed learning what I did about China, and gleaning bits of information about other topics I might not have otherwise learned about, but I can't say I would enthusiastically recommend this book. I struggled with the writing style throughout the book, but I do believe it is worth a read, especially for those who identify with the characters and their situations. It just will not sit on the top of my favorites list.
I received this book free from the publisher for review.
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