Monday, November 7, 2011

Out of a Far country

Out of a Far Country
by Christopher Yuan, Angela Yuan
WaterBrook Press

Leaving a life of unshared secrets and wounds from her parents, Angela Yuan sets off to America hoping to find a new start and happiness in marriage. But with her in-laws opposing the union from the very start, the marriage seems destined for disaster. 
Years, children and a thriving business later, she finds herself in a loveless marriage. Worse than fighting, her husband Leon won't even participate in conversation. Clinging to her children for her source of happiness, her world is shattered when her youngest son, Chris announces he is gay. Meetingopposition and judgment from his mother he storms out of the house, to his 'real family', the gay community.
Feeling she can no longer carry on under this load of oppression, she decides end her life. As a self-proclaimed atheist, she feels the need to reach outside the bounds of godlessness in hopes of finding some sort of closure before leaving this world. She has Leon drive her to meet with Father Foley, little could she have known about changes the Lord had in store for her life.
Even though on academic probation from dental school, Chris Yuan's life is at it's climax.  Fully immersed in Lexingtion's gay community, he finds himself rising to the height of popularity, something he has never experienced. Having thrown away a life of awkwardness and shame, he now embraces what he believes to be his true identity. 
But as he revels in his ever rising star status, he finds himself flirting with danger. Like a drug high, he is intoxicated with the destructive life he is leading. Surrounded by glitz and glam, he fails to see the pitfalls associated with drug dealing and sexually transmitted diseases. He has no idea how quickly his world is about to change. Suddenly he is forced to see who his true family is and own up to his actions.
As restoration begins to take root in both mother and son's lives, their paths cross again on a much different road. embracing grace, Angela is determined to love her son despite his decisions, in hope of winning him over to Christ. With her marriage on the mend, and an ever pursuing God, hope, grace, and mercy have wrapped their arms around the Yuan family in this story of redemption.

This is a great read. As a hairstylist, I am not unfamiliar with the gay community. Having made friends with and gained insight and understanding into their lives, it has been very rare that I will get to hear a story of redemption. This book was very hopeful. Families experiencing this type of story in their own lives will find the very personal and heartfelt confessions in this book to be a salve for their wounds. For the person who have a hard time accepting people because they say they are gay, (or any other destructive lifestyle for that matter) this will be a great book to help you look at that person and try to see them for who they really are and love them right where they are at. This book will open your eyes, and hopefully your hearts. I highly recommend it.
* Ireceived this book free from Waterbrook Press for review
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