Monday, September 22, 2014

Elsa Shiaperelli

She's a fashion mogul. She's a bit rebellious. She's shocking at times. She's Elsa Shiaperelli, or Shiap as she was fondly known as. But she was also, a bit of an introvert. Surprisingly modest. Not to mention shy. She absolutely loved books, had a pension for theatre/cinema and was constantly traveling. She hated to shop, unless it was shoes for her supposed perfect feet or for antiques. These were all parts of her lesser known side. What people did know about her was her extreme fashion designs. Including a gown designed with a large red lobster display on the skirt. She made handbags that lit up or played a tune, a smoking glove that had a storage for the matches and even a striking board on the wrist, and a hat named jubilee, designed for the anniversary if the Eiffel Tower that was made of black feathers in a towering arrangement! She had lovers, she had friends, she had a troubled background. She even launched a fashion live for misses, ostensibly designed by her daughter Gogo. She was intricate, she was interesting, and she lived a life full of intriguing and exciting detail. This was a really fun biography. It was very interesting to delve into Elsa's inside life. The side most didn't see to know. I liked reading about all her designs And inspirations. I will say, It was a little dry, in that I had a hard time getting completely sucked in. Which I thInk was due largely to the sometimes disjointed writing style. I felt like things skipped back and forth at times, or brought up facts at random times. But overall, for anyone who loves to read about fashion, and Shiap in particular, will really enjoy this.

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