Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Kirin Rise-The Cast Of Shadows

What started as a young girl finding a stray outdated flyer, turns into a young girl discovering her passion, and quickly blossoms into a girl meeting her destiny and giving hope to a starved nation. Young Kirin Rise doesn't know what to expect when she steps into her first Wing Chun class. Being the only girl, and by far the youngest student, things don't seem in her favor. But as she perfects her art she begins to demand respect from the others in class, finally being welcomed into the fold. Flash forward, 8 years later. in a time when a nation is starved for anything real, they choose to cling to the superficial, the immediate gratifications of life. Which is why they are all packed around the ring, bets placed, waiting for the next hopeful bloodbath against an unbeaten favorite of the crowds. This is where Kirin makes her debut. And what a debut. Knocking out the opponent in one strike. The crowd goes wild, and her future is now changed forever. Not only has she caused a ripple in the audience, but the whole country is now looking to Kirin either for hope,which they desperately need, or to take her out, make sure she doesn't knock down the mighty power house that has built itself through dishonesty and distrust. When she is offered a spot, fighting in the famous UFMF, she takes it. Hoping to prove a point, and take down more than opponents, but the nations oppressor as well. But as she meets success, things begin to heat up outside the ring. Mobsters take revenge and she is forced to make some big decisions. Will she let those around her determine her fate, or will she "Rise " to the occasion? I have to say, I have never actually read an manga or manga-esque type book. SoI was a little skeptical, and very curious. And I can say I was pleasantly surprised! I really enjoyed the story line, and was always looking forward to what would happen next. There were a few times I felt there was unnecessary dialogue or awkward wording. But over all I would definitely read a sequel, and reccomend it to others who like to read this genre.

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