Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Healing Quilt

Join Amish couple Lamar and Emma Yoder Miller in their newest quilt circle. You know them from the previous quilting classes, and here they are again with a new set of eclectic characters. There is Erika, the discontented teen in a wheel chair, Kim, a clumsy server at the local diner, BJ, the man with a secret, Noreen the sassy widower, Jennifer the soon to be mom and Mike, the husband who is attending classes in his wife's place. Not to mention a few characters from past classes who join the new crew, adding to an already colorful cast of characters. There will be new love, attitudes changed, secrets unveiled and lots of healing. All over some colorful quilt squares and home made desserts. Come along for the ride! I have to say, while this was a very quick and simple read... I really didn't enjoy it. It was my first in the 'half stitched quilting club' series, so I was not familiar with some of the previous characters. But I think this book read well as a stand alone book. I just had a hard time with the writing. At times it was just way too cheesy for me to believe it was real. When I read, I like to temporarily be transported into the story, and I had a hard time doing that. I also felt that while she did a great job developing all kinds of characters from all walks of life, I would have been more liekly to hop on board if each individual story was developed more at length. And having the whole story overall be over a longer span of time, making the events more believable and less predictable. For the person that just likes really lighthearted reads, and prefers short quick reads, this may be a good book for you!

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